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2021 Guide: How Much Does It Cost to Replace or Install a Garage Door?

Having a home that accurately represents you and your family is important to most modern homeowners. Although there are many ways to enhance your residence’s curbside appeal, installing a beautiful garage door is a simple change that can instantly take your home from drab to fab. 

Many people don’t know where or how to start shopping for the garage door of their dreams and wonder, “How much does it cost to replace a garage door?” Long View Lighting is here to help. Here are a few tips that will make shopping for a new garage door in Woodstock, Georgia, a breeze.

What to Consider Before the Installation Process

It’s no secret that installing or replacing a garage door can be rather costly. The installation process commonly costs upwards of $1,000 on average. However, there are many factors you need to consider before diving into the installation process. 

What Size Is Your Garage Door?

Knowing the size of your garage helps narrow your search and gives you a rough estimate of the cost before the project even begins. It’s important to know the dimensions of your garage before shopping around because garage doors vary in size depending on the size of your home and garage. A typical single-car garage door can range from $600 to $1,500, while a double can cost $800 to $1,500

What Style of Door Do You Want?

In addition to your garage door’s appearance, you need to consider the functioning style of the door. Many different forms appeal to a wide range of homeowners. The most common are:

  • Swing-up or tilt-up doors
  • Swing-out doors
  • Roll-up or sectional doors
  • Sliding doors

Finding a style that works for your home gives you an idea of the project’s expenses while enhancing your home’s curb appeal.

How Much Will Labor and Materials Cost?

There’s more to a garage door installation than choosing your desired form and style. Figuring out the cost of labor and materials needed for installation is important before starting the project. You typically want to add 20% to your overall budget to cover the labor costs, overages, and necessary materials. 

It’s also wise to shop around before commenting to a single installer. Most companies’ rates vary depending on your location and the price of your chosen installation materials. Other things to consider include:

  • Material removal ($25-$100)
  • Hardware replacement ($50-$350)
  • Resizing ($500-$5,000)

Homeowners associations often require specific garage designs and materials. If you live in a neighborhood with a homeowners association, check with them before gathering supplies and committing to a design.

Where Can I Find a Loyal Garage Door Installer?

Finding an experienced and trustworthy garage door installer can be difficult. Different companies may give you different quotes for how much it costs to replace a garage door. However, if you’re looking for garage door repair in Woodstock, GA, Long View Lighting has you covered. Their trusted team of professionals fulfills all your installation needs without draining your wallet. For proficient installation with outstanding customer service, look no further than Long View Lighting. 

Call (770) 790-3511 today and make your garage dreams a reality with Long View Lighting’s expert garage door installation in Woodstock, GA. 


The Benefits of Energy-Efficient Lighting

Did you know that switching to energy-efficient lighting can reduce your energy consumption by 75% percent? The benefits of this reduced energy consumption are financial and environmental. They can greatly improve the size of your wallet and the comfort of your home.

At Long View Lighting, we want everyone to learn more about the benefits of energy-efficient lighting. Keep reading below for all the perks.

Reduced Electric Bill

People are aware that switching to energy-saving lights will reduce their electricity consumption. But what they don’t realize is just how much it can save.

You can save at least $75 annually by making a few lighting changes. Besides, most LED energy-saving lights only need a replacement every 23 years, so you will be buying bulbs very infrequently. Every lighting switch has an impact and you will notice the greatest savings on your electric bill if you upgrade all lights to LED.

Not only can energy-efficient lighting reduce your lighting costs, but it can also reduce your air cooling bill. Energy-efficient lights emit less heat than their incandescent counterparts. This means you can build a cooler more comfortable home, especially in warmer months.

Reduced Carbon Emissions

Just one LED bulb reduces greenhouse gases by half a ton. Imagine the environmental impact if every bulb in your house is energy-efficient. Now imagine if every household and business used energy-efficient lighting.

Greenhouse gases are the main cause of global warming. Just changing ten lightbulbs can prevent the emission of 3,400 pounds of carbon dioxide. States like California are banning incandescent lightbulbs as part of their greener initiatives. 

Longer Lighting Lifespan

LED bulbs are capable of outlasting incandescent bulbs by up to 25 years. A traditional incandescent bulb can last one year on average, but energy-efficient lights can last 10 to 30 years. This saves money, resources, and time.

You will maybe only need to replace your lightbulbs every 25 years, saving you money and time. You save time that would have been wasted searching for new bulbs and changing them each year, not to mention the extra time changing those harder-to-reach lights that might need professional installation

The lasting power of the bulbs is also better for the environment since fewer bulbs will need to be produced with the increased lifespan. Fewer bulbs mean fewer resources used. Most energy-efficient bulbs are recyclable, creating a closed production loop. 

Build a More Comfortable Home With Energy-Efficient Lighting

With energy-efficient lighting, you can build a space meant to last and have peace of mind. Have peace of mind in the fact that you won’t have to change your lightbulbs frequently. You can relax and know your lighting choices are creating a greener future for you and your children. 

Start small and change a few lights to energy-saving light bulbs, soon you will find it is worth changing your whole lighting system. Get in touch to learn how to make a seamless transition to energy-efficient lighting with our recommended energy-efficient lighting upgrades.


How to Protect Your Home When the Power Goes Out

The modern world runs on electronics. Whether it’s using the television or the Internet to unwind after work or using a work laptop to do our jobs, electronics are fundamental parts of daily life.

When a power outage occurs, it throws everything off balance. All the usual tools you rely on suddenly become useless. When that happens, do you know how to protect your home?

In many cases, power outages happen as a result of storm damage. Usually, storms give you some time to prepare your home in the event of a power outage. So, in this article, discover five vital tips on what to do when preparing your house for a power outage.

1. Surge Protectors Help Protect Your Home

People often throw around the term power surge but don’t fully comprehend what it means. A power surge occurs when electricity stops flowing, then resumes flowing again.

If it resumes too suddenly and with too much charge, it can damage your electronics. In a worst-case scenario, it could cause a fire. A hairdryer, for instance, might short circuit. A high voltage TV could cause damage with a surge.

To prevent these issues, consider protecting your house with a surge protector. These items help to mitigate any damage that a surge could cause.

2. Unplug Your Devices

When a storm comes through, one of the best things you can do in protecting your home is to turn off and unplug your electronics. Don’t leave anything plugged in that doesn’t need to be. 

Lighting can enter your home through your electronic wiring. By disconnecting these devices, you rob lightning of its entry point into your home. Furthermore, you help spare your devices any potential damage. 

3. Preparing Your House With a Disaster Kit

Long before a storm or other threat arises, it’s wise to have a disaster kit together just in case something should happen. You should keep kits for each person in the household, including your pets. 

These kits should include essentials, such as non-perishable food, bottled water, first aid supplies, batteries, cash, blankets, and a flashlight. You can add other items as necessary, such as inhalers or epi-pens. 

4. Protect Your House From Flooding

If a storm arrives that knocks out power; there’s a good chance it’s bringing heavy rain with it. If this happens, basements often suffer flooding. To prevent flooding, invest in a sump pump with a battery backup system. 

5. Prevent Freezing Pipes

Winter storm outages bring with them the chance of your pipes freezing and bursting. To ward this off, shut off your water and open your faucets so they can run dry. While you won’t need this for short outages, those lasting longer than a day may require these measures.

Take The First Step To Protect Your Home Today

These precautions should help to prevent the worst from happening to your home. To protect your home more fully, consider having your wiring inspected. Faulty wiring can lead to tremendous dangers in a power outage, such as violent power surges.

To update your wiring, contact experienced electricians today!


How To Hire an Electrician: 2021 Guide

Nowadays, many homeowners are considering home improvement projects that require electrical work. Some jobs, such as installing light fixtures or adding outlets and light switches, may seem straightforward. Other jobs are more complex, like upgrading the circuit breaker, installing ceiling fans, or maintaining worn-out or outdated electrical systems. 

It generally isn’t hard to find a local electrician or electrical contractor who will show up at your home. Finding one that will do a professional job so that the work will last for years to come can be more challenging. Keep the following considerations in mind when you evaluate bids.

Do You Need an Electrician Urgently?

If you hear buzzing, smell burning odors, experience flickering lights, or have your circuit breaker trip frequently, you may have a serious problem that needs urgent attention. In this case, you should look for an experienced electrical contractor that offers emergency services. For new installations, upgrades, and construction, you can take your time and evaluate bids to find the best electrician.

What To Look for in an Electrician

Deciding how to hire an electrician may depend on the type of work you want them to do. Their level of expertise should be appropriate for the complexity of the job. If you need something relatively simple done, such as installing outlets or switches, a journeyman electrician should be able to do the job. 

For substantial changes to the electrical systems, replacing old wiring, or working with hard-to-find parts and equipment, an experienced master electrician is a better bet, despite the higher cost.

In general, you will want an electrician that has:

  •  a license and insurance (including worker’s compensation insurance) according to your state’s requirements
  • a one-year warranty
  •  positive reviews on sites like Yelp
  • a good reputation in your community

Use review sites, social media, and the Better Business Bureau to find an electrician who meets your needs.

Cost Considerations

An electrician should charge between $50 and $100 per hour plus the cost of parts. However, the hourly rate is not the only factor in determining an electrician’s cost. An inexperienced electrician could take longer to complete the job, pushing the total cost up. 

Also, if the installation fails after the warranty period, or if the electrician doesn’t offer a warranty, you will be out the cost of redoing the repairs. Even if the electrician fixes the issue while it’s still under warranty, the time spent on a second service call adds to your project costs. Getting the job done right the first time saves you money in the long run.

Contact Long View Lighting Today

When deciding on how to hire an electrician in Woodstock, GA, and the surrounding area, contact Long View Lighting at (770) 790-3805. We are professional electricians with years of experience and up-to-date knowledge of the latest parts and equipment.  Find out why residents of Woodstock, GA, trust Long View Lighting to provide quality electrical repair and troubleshooting by giving us a call today!