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Lighting Trends

Ten Latest Home Lighting Trends To Consider for 2022

Whether you want to update the look and feel of an existing space or seek to freshly decorate a new home or business, it pays to consider lighting options. Changing the lighting offers a simple and cost-effective way to completely transform any indoor or outdoor atmosphere.

The experts at Long View Lighting understand the impact of the right lighting choices for every room in the home. This blog covers the latest home lighting trends to help new and experienced homeowners create the indoor spaces of their dreams.

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Are you looking for the perfect lighting fixtures for your home improvement project? Let’s review the top ten indoor lighting design trends to help you find the aesthetic edge you want for years to come.

#1: Oversized Chandelier Lighting

In 2022, bigger definitely equals better. More and more homeowners choose to make a splash with oversized chandelier lighting. These front-and-center pieces make for intimate yet expressive lighting and come in various designs, from the neoclassical glass chandelier to art deco pieces.

Another great thing about oversize chandelier lighting is that you no longer have to limit them to just the dining table, a stylish entrance, or a ballroom. Done the right way, chandelier lighting adds elegance and luxury to living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and more.

#2: Curated Lighting Matches

With so many creative minds and makers selling their work today, indoor lighting such as lamps and sconces come in more designs than ever before.

As a result, you can easily add artistic accents to any room and tastefully mix and match imaginative designs, creating beautiful, unique looks with layered effects.

#3: Sculpted Lighting

Nothing adds luxury to an indoor space like lighting that looks like a work of art. Sculpted lighting pieces add a dramatic, artistic flair and work well in sitting rooms, dining rooms, and more.

Smaller lamps with sculpture aesthetics also make excellent accent pieces for reading areas, coffee nooks, and bathrooms. For recommendations on the correct sizes for lighting in a given area, consult with an interior lighting professional when shopping for designs. 

#4: Industrial Finishes

Faux metal finishes may never go out of style. These sleek finishes add a touch of luxury and industrial aesthetic to any space, matching well with patterns, solid colors, and virtually any wall or furniture design style.

When stressed, faux metal finishes give off a rustic appearance. In this way, industrial finishes make a great option when you want to add a touch of intentional luxury without clashing with garage aesthetics, exposed brick walls, and rustic wood interiors.

#5: Natural Textures

Lighting fixtures that feature natural textures are making a massive comeback in 2022. Pieces featuring wood bead or wood grain represent some of the latest home lighting trends and add a touch of rural charm to even the most modern spaces.

Wicker-wrapped lighting works well to add thematic touches to garden, sunroom, and patio spaces, creating soft lighting that is both inviting and practical. Try stone-based or crystalline light designs for other natural lighting textures that work well in garden spaces.

#6: Layered Lighting

Sometimes, indoor spaces serve more than one purpose. In recent years, many living rooms or bedrooms likely became impromptu offices. Layering lighting in a room creates different atmospheres for different occasions or tasks. Use bright, white lighting, such as LEDs, during the day and opt for soft lighting, like traditional lamps, at night.

To increase the practicality of layered home lighting, consider adding smart devices to your home. Smart lighting utilizes connected outlets, bulbs, and switches to give you the option of hands-free control over your interior lighting. Turning the lights on and off is as easy as saying a designated voice command or tapping an icon on a smartphone app.

#7: Statement Pieces

In many cases, interior lighting can be as much of an artistic statement as any painting or sculpture. Opt for unique designs and bold colors if you prefer a wildly creative aesthetic for your office, living room, or patio.

#8: Symmetrical Designs

Symmetry remains an old standby when it comes to interior design. Symmetrical surroundings imbue people with a sense of unity and harmony. When it comes to interior lighting, symmetrical designs provide balanced illumination for offices, dining rooms, kitchens, and so much more.

Symmetry doesn’t mean sacrificing artistic design, however. Consider using symmetrically placed accent lamps with bold, inventive styles to compliment single-color furniture or walls.

#9: Colorful Accents

For homeowners who do not feel ready to invest in all-new lighting fixtures, color accents serve as a simple, commitment-free way to change a room’s atmosphere and bring a fresh look to the space. Consider using color films to transform soft-white lighting into gentle blue or green hues. Use colored shades to change the look of older lamps and other fixtures.

#10: Rustic Bohemian

Achieving a rustic, bohemian look in your living room, bedroom, or reading nook is as easy as going antique shopping. Search for lamps and other lighting fixtures passed down from older fashion eras, remembering to match the intended aesthetic to your indoor space as you do so.

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Whether you’re looking to upgrade the look of your current spaces or are decorating a new home for the first time, choosing the right lighting sources is critical for achieving the atmosphere you want.

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