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Find Out the Biggest Energy Drains in Home to Save Money

With energy costs rising nationwide, saving money has never been more critical. Also, with more people working from home, many households have higher electricity bills than in previous years. In some cases, these price hikes are unavoidable.

However, in other cases, you can take steps to address your energy costs proactively. By fixing the energy drains around your home, you can cut down your monthly bills. Working with Woodstock’s trusted lighting contractors at Long View Lighting can help you make more effective decisions, save money, and feel confident about your energy usage. 

Heating and Cooling Are Common Culprits

You use a power strip for all your devices, shut off lights as you exit the room, and try to be conscious of how often you fall asleep with the TV on. So, why’s your energy bill still higher than average? If you’re looking for the root cause of your spiking energy bills, you might want to check into your HVAC system

Inefficient heating and cooling systems waste quite a bit of energy. If you have a dirty air filter, a refrigerant leak, or an outdated strategy, you’ll likely see higher energy bills as your HVAC struggles to heat or cool your air. 

Appliances Use Plenty of Energy

Certain appliances are always on, making it difficult to save money. For example, if you have an energy-inefficient refrigerator, washer, dryer, or stove, you’re likely to notice when your energy bills come around. 

Sometimes, you can use DIY fixes as workarounds. However, you may need professional help or an appliance upgrade. 

Lighting Can Inflate Your Power Bill

Whether you’re a renter or homeowner, you’re probably responsible for your monthly electricity bill. If you notice your bill climbing, your lighting may be the cause. If you have energy-inefficient bulbs, they can be significant energy drains. 

If you work from home, you’ve probably increased your energy consumption. Poorly wired lighting systems, outdated configurations, and cheaper bulbs use more energy than you think. With a few energy-saving tips and a professional lighting contractor, you can reconfigure your existing lighting and upgrade to energy-efficient light bulbs. 

Work with Lighting Contractors to Save Money

There are many benefits to minimizing your energy usage, from cost savings to a reduced household footprint. A few high-quality upgrades can make a significant difference in your monthly bills. Working with trusted lighting contractors and electricians can help. 

Learn more about lighting services, smart lighting, upgrading electrical panels, and cutting down your energy bills by working with the top-rated electricians in Woodstock. Long View Lighting is here to help you make the best decisions to ensure your home is more energy-efficient. Get in touch to discuss your specific needs and call us about your project at 770-318-4143.