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6 Signs You’re Working With a Bad Electrician in Woodstock

When the lights in your Woodstock home start flickering or your circuit breaker trips repeatedly, you don’t want to end up on the wrong end of a bad electrician working on your home. But how do you tell a good electrician from a bad one?

As a trusted provider of electrical services in Woodstock, GA, Long View Lighting explains what o watch out for when hiring an electrician to help you determine whether they’re a good fit for the job. If an electrician servicing your home shows any of the following six signs, you’ll want to consider looking elsewhere.

1. No Credentials

When an electrician doesn’t have the necessary licenses or certifications to perform electrical work in Woodstock, that’s an immediate red flag. This means they either lack the necessary knowledge or training to do the job well, or their skills come from outdated guidelines. In addition to making them less capable than electricians with verifiable credentials, they can also pose safety risks to you and your home.

2. Poor Customer Service

Another sign that you’re dealing with a bad electrician is when their customer service is lacking. Trustworthy electrical contractors maintain courtesy and professionalism while servicing your home. When your electrician won’t answer questions, is unwelcoming, or comes across in a standoffish manner, you should seek service from a more professional team.

3. Not Answering Questions

Good electricians don’t just know what they’re doing; they’re enthusiastic about their field and enjoy answering their customers’ questions. An electrician who is reluctant or refuses to explain things either lacks the necessary knowledge, is a poor communicator, or simply doesn’t want to inform the homeowner.

4. Avoiding Safety Measures

Although electricity is a modern convenience many take for granted, it can also be dangerous. Any worthwhile electrician will follow an electrical safety checklist while performing their job. If an electrician doesn’t take the necessary steps to ensure the well-being of your home, then it could lead to hazardous results, such as short-circuiting or even electrical fires.

5. Not Finishing the Job

A bad electrician is content with what they consider “good enough” instead of what’s best for you and your house. Leaving a messy environment and failing to cover up exposed wires are just two examples of an electrician who doesn’t take pride in their work, leaving you with potentially dangerous situations.

6. Lack of Responsibility

Sometimes mistakes or accidents happen while performing a job, and how a contractor handles the situation is often telling. A good electrician will have liability insurance to protect you in case of an accident, will assume responsibility, and will do everything possible to resolve it.

Trustworthy Electrical Service in Woodstock From Long View Lighting

No homeowner should suffer the frustrations of a bad electrician, which is why Long View Lighting is Woodstock’s reliable electrical contractor. Long View Lighting upholds excellent customer service to match a competitive and wide range of electrical services.

From new home wiring to lighting installations and thorough inspections, Woodstock residents can depend on Long View Lighting’s award-winning team to get the job done right. Contact the team today for your electrical needs.