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Six Signs of a Bad Outlet in Your Woodstock Home

Homeowners use outlets to plug in their cooking appliances, charge their phones and laptops, and complete countless other daily tasks. Knowing the warning signs of a bad outlet can show you when it’s time to call Long View Lighting, Woodstock’s experienced electricians, for replacement services.

1. You Notice Burning Odors

If your outlet smells like it’s burning, it probably is. Homes can experience burning odors for a number of reasons, so don’t touch the outlet or plug anything in. Instead, call your local electrician for immediate assistance and to prevent a small fire.

2. The Electrical Outlet Feels Hot

A hot outlet is a clear indication it is starting to decline and can suggest a problem. Whether the outlet is only hot in one area or the whole unit feels scorching, you need to have an experienced electrician take a look before you or someone else gets hurt.

3. You Have a Sparking Outlet

Is your outlet sparking? This is one of the most typical signs of a bad outlet and one that requires fast action. If you wait to address this problem or continue to plug in electronics and appliances, a dangerous fire could break out, putting you, your loved ones, and your devices in harm’s way.

4. You Spot a Smoking Outlet

An outlet can smoke from extensive use and when it’s no longer able to handle your electrical demands. It may also corrode and crack, resulting in a smoky look or smell. Electrical hazards like a smoking outlet can disrupt business operations by putting employees and customers at risk, while homeowners could see themselves or their loved ones getting hurt from a faulty and hot outlet. 

5. You Discover a Melted Outlet

If you have a charred and melted outlet and plate cover, you’ve got a serious problem on your hands. At this point, DIY electrical work is extremely dangerous and definitely not worth the risk. As soon as you spot this, call your preferred Woodstock electrician for expert assistance, as these outlets can cause fires, whether you’re using them or not. 

6. Plugs Are Loose or Falling Out

Cords should have a secure and snug fit when you plug them into your outlets. Trusted electricians know about various electrical risks and safety measures, recognizing that a loose plug is a serious safety concern. These outlets may spark, cause electric shocks, damage cords and appliances, and potentially cause a fire, so don’t wait to seek professional electrical support.

Replace Bad Outlets and Receptacles in Woodstock, Georgia, With Long View Lighting

Now that you’ve learned six key signs of a bad outlet, you know when it’s time to contact Long View Lighting for services. Their lighting and electrical business provides high-quality outlet services and will safely and swiftly replace your old outlets. It’s best to hire a qualified and trained electrician to replace an outlet, so reach out to Long View Lighting in Woodstock, Georgia, today to schedule an appointment!

Lighting Trends

3 Backyard Party Lighting Ideas for Your Woodstock Home

Woodstock’s sprawling landscape provides an abundance of attractive parks, trails, and big backyards. If you’re one of 65% of residents who happen to own their homes, why not reimagine your space for an upcoming backyard party? But all great decor ideas for a successful gathering start with the appropriate backyard party lighting.

A local team like Long View Lighting understands that lighting is about more than illuminating your property after sunset. The right lighting creates ambiance, whether you want romance or a bustling, vibrant atmosphere. So, before you start the search for “landscaping lighting companies near me,” check out these top three lighting ideas.

Three Lighting Ideas to Spark Joy and Make a Statement

#1 Party Lights Hidden Within Foliage For a Wild and Mysterious Milieu

Many people aim to subtly light up their backyard space without making the lighting fixtures a focal point or their dining area a spotlight. However, in an overgrown yard with shrubbery, trees, flowers, and plants, you won’t want the city-like theme that festoon lights exude. Why not opt for delicate fairy lights instead? 

When hidden within the foliage, these dainty lights promise a warm glow that is not overbearing and stays true to your green backyard style. You can also hire a professional to neatly hang the string lights on your fence, trees, shed, or pergola, enhancing your Woodstock dinner party experience.

#2 Firepits for Adventure and Stories in Woodstock, Georgia

If you want more of a focal point, a cozy fireplace produces a comforting golden glow and warmth during the fall and winter. It also provides those soothing crackling sounds (if you opt for a wood-burning appliance). Many fireplaces are also electric, proving safer around children and pets. 

One option is centering the firepit on a patio, but why not designate a seating area off the dining section so guests can step away from the action for some downtime? Wherever it is, a fire for backyard party lighting speaks volumes. And what compliments a roaring fire better than some tiki torches lining the pathway or candlesticks on the outdoor dining table? 

#3 Chinese Lanterns 

If subtlety is not your forte, add a splash of color to your Woodstock home’s outdoor space with Chinese lanterns for patio lighting. Complement your foliage and patio set colors or contrast them. Lanterns are versatile, from designer neon ones to pastels.

Also, the solar or battery-powered lights are perfect for any backyard party, covering the entire area with a flickering, welcoming glow.

Level-Up Your Lighting System in Woodstock, Georgia

Long View Lighting’s electricians have just the right landscape lighting to show off your Woodstock property’s best features. Call for installations, rewiring, and replacements indoors and outdoors!

For long-lasting, quality backyard party lighting in Woodstock, Georgia, contact Long View Lighting for a free estimate!