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Can Faulty Wiring Increase Your Electric Bill? A Guide for Woodstock Homeowners

Faulty wiring can wreak havoc within your home undetected for long periods. Many people ignore or don’t notice this problem until it leads to dangerous situations or shows up in other ways, such as impacting your energy budget.

Can faulty wiring increase your electric bill? Long View Lighting, the go-to certified electricians in Woodstock, looks at the answers in this blog post.

How Faulty Wiring Affects Your Electric Bill

The wiring around your property delivers electricity to appliances that consume energy. When you have faulty wiring, some electrical energy is lost in transit. As a result, you’ll pay for electricity you’re not using.

Turning off your appliances doesn’t do much to prevent this. The leakage will continue for as long as the fault exists.

The impact of such inefficiency across a single line of wiring may look inconsequential. However, it adds up, especially if you have a few such wires around your home. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to notice savings of up to 10% after they rectify wiring problems throughout their property.

So, if you’re wondering, “Can faulty wiring increase your electric bill?” the answer is definitely.

Other Ways Faulty Wiring Can Affect Your Electric Bill

Electric leakage isn’t the only way faulty wiring can affect your electric bill. Other ways include the following:

Reduced Appliance Efficiency

Frayed or loose wiring delivering electricity to your appliances will create resistance, forcing these appliances to work harder. You won’t notice it, but resistance can make every appliance, from your TVs to your bedside refrigerator, use a little more energy to stay on.

You’ll wonder why the sum has increased when bill time rolls around.

Possible Appliance Damage

Faulty wiring means a higher risk of power surges. When these happen, your appliances can malfunction or overheat, forcing you to schedule emergency repairs.

You may also pay for a premature replacement for electrical components and even appliances. These extra costs won’t appear directly on your energy bill, but they are still a significant markup for your energy budget.

Common Signs You Have Faulty Wiring

As a homeowner, it’s not always easy to detect faulty wiring because the connections are not in your line of sight. In many cases, you’ll need to climb into your walls and ceilings to spot any signs of wiring trouble.

However, faulty wiring always leaves some telltale signs you can catch without pulling out the ladder or digging into your drywall:

  • Flickering lights. Do you have any light bulbs constantly flickering or dimming? It’s a sign of wiring trouble, especially if replacing the affected bulbs doesn’t change anything. 
  • The smell of melting plastic. Can you perceive that signature smell of burning wires or outlets? Check for faulty wiring.
  • Overheating outlets. Do your outlets feel abnormally hot to the touch? You may have a wiring problem on your hands.
  • Regular circuit breaker issues. Your circuit breakers shouldn’t trip every couple of weeks. That’s a clear sign of faulty wiring or a compromised electrical circuit.
  • Sudden sparks. Do sparks fly from your outlet when heavy appliances like your air conditioning kick in a cycle? It’s time to call in an electrician.

How To Fix Faulty Wiring

Faulty wiring should give you serious cause for concern. Beyond the extra bump in your energy bill, ignoring faulty wiring puts your family at risk of accidental fires. Therefore, it’s important to take steps toward fixing the faulty wiring for good.

Here are a few things you can do:

  • Isolate the affected areas. Do you suspect faulty wiring in your living room or around the circuit board? Identify and document these areas.
  • Contact your electrician. Attempting DIY repairs to your electrical problems is dangerous and illegal. You must call in an electrician and let them diagnose the problem.
  • Approve repairs. Your electrician will provide a quote for lasting repairs to correct the faulty wiring. They might recommend tightening loose connections, replacing burnt wires, and installing surge protection.

After the electrician completes the repairs, it’s important to adhere to any advice they provide to help you avoid a recurrence. For example, a CNC machining tool will always overload that cheap outlet you bought online!

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Can faulty wiring increase your electric bill? Yes, but it’s a problem with an easy fix if you work with a qualified electrician. The Long View Lighting team can detect the signs of a bad outlet, fix faulty wiring, and more.

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