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8 Common Electrical Problems in the Home

A house whose electricity functions properly is a safe house. It’s also a house that will allow you to live your domestic lifestyle with ease. That’s why ensuring that you don’t suffer any electrical problems is important. Not only will it prevent disruptive outages, but it will also prevent electrical damage from worsening.

Though homeowners are generally ignorant about many electrical problems, we can list a few of them so you can start handling them.

Keep reading to learn about eight common electricity issues. You’re most likely experiencing several of them, in which case it’s time to contact a professional electrician.

1. High Energy Bill

Costly electricity bills are more than perpetual dents in your wallet. They’re also indications that your energy isn’t being used efficiently.

You might be suffering electrical surges or damaged wiring. Switching to a better-valued provider or changing your electricity usage habits might also result in a cheaper energy bill.

2. Electrical Surges

If you’re noticing temporary voltage spikes that turn your electricity on and off, you’re experiencing electrical surges.

Power line damage, malfunctioning appliances, and miswired electrical wiring can all result in electrical surges. Frequent electrical surges can do long-term damage to all the electrical appliances in your home.

3. Malfunctioning Circuit Breaker

Faulty circuit breakers can cause those electrical surges mentioned above. They could start to happen more frequently, which could result in more damage to your breaker and any appliances it’s powering.

4. Using the Wrong Type of Circuit Breaker

Although circuit breakers can be repaired, you might also be using the wrong type of circuit breaker. Not only will an incompatible circuit breaker cause more damage to your home, but it also violates the National Electrical Code (NEC).

5. Bad Light Switch Problems

If your light switches don’t work the way they’re supposed to, then they probably weren’t installed properly. Fixtures might have been removed and switches may have been superseded. There might also be a problem with the general way you’re electricity’s running, whether that be with the circuit breaker or wiring.

6. Not Enough Outlets

An insufficient number of outlets may seem simply inconvenient, but it could create damaging habits. People typically tend to use extension cords and outlet expanders to create more outlet space. But this might burn out your main outlet and cause a hazard.

7. Burnt Out Bulbs

Bulbs that often burn out often indicate electricity malfunctioning. Your home’s electrical wiring could be problematic or misconnected, the bulb’s wattage may be too high, and your insulation could be too close to the light.

8. Too Bright/Dim Lights

Similar to the issue of burnt-out bulbs, lights that are too bright or dim are symptomatic of faulty electricity functioning. If two lights that are close together light at different brightness levels, then you may want to check the consistency of your electrical circuitry.

Solve Your Electrical Problems With a Professional

There are many common electrical problems you could be currently experiencing. But there are also many reasons behind each of them. That’s why it’s best to contact a professional electrician so they can specify the fundamental issues behind your problems.

When you’re ready to optimize your electricity usage, book an appointment with Long View Lighting today! If you’re curious about the quality of our services, check out our reviews. We’ve been providing homeowners with top-tier service for years.

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