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Average Cost of Garage Door Repair in 2021: Factors and Considerations

Garage doors are convenient features of any home, but they will not last forever. The more the door opens and closes, the more likely it will need garage door repairs sooner rather than later. 

These doors have many moving parts and components, which can become damaged, resulting in a faulty garage door. Read on to find out about the average cost of garage door repair and replacement for common issues.

Garage Door Sensors

Garage door sensors are a vital safety feature of an automatic door system. They prevent accidents when the door is in motion. They sit on either side of the door about six inches from the ground to ensure that nothing is within the garage door’s path. A replacement sensor costs between $35 to $50 each and a professional replacement can cost up to $200 with parts included.

Garage Door Cables

Cables are responsible for lifting the garage door when you engage the door opener. If the cable snaps, the door will not move. With a frayed cable, the garage door will rise and fall unevenly or get stuck partway.  

The cost to replace garage door cables is about $30 for two, but installing them will raise the price to $90 to $200 or more. The cables require high tension to lift a garage door, so paying a service fee for professional installation is best.

Spring Replacements

Torsion springs are parts above the garage door that counterbalance the door’s weight as it rises. When a spring breaks, it usually produces a loud bang and prevents the door from opening correctly.

Replacing broken springs is a must to restore the door’s safe function. The cost of two springs can run about $50 to $100, not including other materials for installation. Labor, however, usually costs between $100 to $350.

Broken Glass

Glass panels or windows are common features on garage doors. Deep cuts and lacerations from broken glass are part of the 20,000 to 30,000 garage door-related injuries that occur each year. Purchasing replacement glass for a broken garage door window can be as low as $25, yet professionally fixing the glass panel averages about $75.

Factors Affecting the Average Cost of Garage Door Repair

If you need to repair or replace the actual garage door, prices will vary due to several factors. For instance, a simple garage door with minimal designs is less expensive to fix than stylish doors with complex designs. 

Also, the type of damage will affect the average cost of garage door repair. Minor damage like loud noises from a squeaky track is not as expensive to repair as more severe issues with hardware like springs or door panels.

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