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How Professional Electrical Services Ensure Safety for Your Family in Woodstock

As our world goes digital, charging stations, outlets, and wires are ubiquitous across Georgia’s residential and commercial areas. People use them frequently to charge mobile devices, install new appliances, and more. However, without skilled Woodstock electricians to work out the kinks via professional electrical services, these conveniences quickly become a safety hazard.

From mice and other rodents chewing on wiring to aged components that short circuit, even minor incidents can cause blackouts, electrical shocks, or worse. This post covers how regular calls to an award-winning Woodstock team like Long View Lighting can protect your family and home.

Safety First: Here’s Why You Should Entrust The Job to Electrical Experts in Georgia

#1 Scheduling Electrical Inspections and Maintenance

Sometimes, you know you have a problem if a light flickers or an outlet sparks. But since most of your electrical components hide behind walls and floorboards, it’s best to call a professional for inspections before problems get that far. 

  • If you rent your home, schedule inspections every five years.
  • If you’re a homeowner, every ten years should suffice (most wiring and panels last 20 to 40 years).

During inspections, the experts will carefully analyze frayed, smoking, or exposed wiring alongside broken panels, switches, outlets, and other electrical components. With up-to-date knowledge of building codes and common electrical problems, they know what to look for to prevent electrocution and fires and replace outdated pieces.

These local professionals also maintain your electrical system by clearing away the dust and debris that could kindle fires, tightening nuts and bolts, and testing connections.

#2 Taking the Appropriate Safety Measures in Woodstock

The cost of professional electrical services is nothing compared to the price you’ll pay when you or a loved one touches the wrong or exposed wires leading to severe shocks or even death. Leave it to the experts. 

Teams like Long View Lighting have conducted the same services hundreds of times. They carefully turn off the power to refrain from guesswork during repairs. Plus, the licensed, insured, and certified technicians carry safety equipment like electrical gloves and state-of-the-art tools for safeto assist them on the job.

#3 Not Putting Off Electrical Repairs

Even with regular maintenance and inspections, things go wrong. If you notice exposed wiring, tripping breakers, smoking appliances, or burning smells, call for an electrical repair in Woodstock. As skilled troubleshooters, electricians pinpoint the issue and remedy it in one visit, saving you time, money, and anxiety.

Next-Level Services in Woodstock, Georgia

Long View Lighting’s friendly and trustworthy team provides personalized solutions that put your safety first. Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, these electrical services can keep your pets safe from wires and your family’s home free of fires.

Request a free estimate from Long View Lighting’s professional electrical services in Woodstock, Georgia, today!


4 Tips for Hiring a Reliable Local Electrical Contractor

Is the electricity in your home going haywire? Maybe you want new lighting fixtures? No matter the need, an electrical contractor can get the job done.

But, there’s only one problem, finding a professional electrician that can do the job efficiently is a challenge. The good news is, there’s a solution. Check out the tips below to get insight on how to find a trustworthy electrical contractor.

1. Get a Personal Referral

One of the most reliable ways of finding an electrical company is to get a personal referral from someone you know and trust. Ask your loved ones about their experiences with electricians in your area, or ask if they have any recommendations.

If they’ve had a positive experience with a local electrician, get more details. How long did it take to complete the job? How was the quality of the work?

Getting referrals from someone who’s already used an electrician in the area will help you find a dependable contractor.

2. Read Online Reviews

Another way to find a reliable electrical contractor is to read online reviews. Many online review sites, such as Yelp and Google Reviews, allow customers to rate the quality of service they received from local businesses.

Reading online reviews can give you an idea of how satisfied people were with the work of a particular electrician. This can help you identify any red flags that you should look out for.

Additionally, getting customer feedback can help you narrow down your list of options. That way, you can find the contractor who best fits your needs.

3. Make Sure the Electrical Company Is Licensed and Insured

Before you hire an electrical contractor, make sure they are licensed and insured. This is a crucial step in the process of finding a reliable electrician. A licensed professional will have the proper training to handle your electrical needs safely and effectively.

In addition to that, make sure that the contractor is insured with liability insurance. This will protect you from any financial losses if an accident happens on the job site. An experienced electrician should be able to provide proof of insurance upon request.

4. Ask For References

It’s always a good idea to ask a prospective company for references from previous clients. Doing so will give you an idea of how reliable they are.

Ask questions about the type of customer service they received, and if the work was up to par. These references can give you valuable insight into whether the contractor is right for you.

Let Us Handle Your Electrical Problems

If you’re on the hunt for a reliable electrical contractor, look no further. At Long View Lighting, we provide an array of services—from home rewiring to electrical installation. Our team of skilled professionals understand exactly how to get your house back on track. We can even install lighting fixtures for your kitchen and outdoor areas.

To inquire more about our electrical services, call us at 770-318-4143, or contact us on our website. We look forward to speaking with you soon! Edit Article Approve Article


5 Reasons Your Breaker Panels Might Have Tripped

Your circuit breaker is a vital component of your home electrical installation needs. It helps prevent damage to the electrical wiring by tripping and cutting off the flow of electricity. The breaker acts in this capacity if it senses danger, like an overload. If your breaker has started tripping lately, you should know the reasons why it’s happening.

1. Overloading Circuit

Be careful how many things you plug into your home circuits. When there’s too much power running through any outlet or switch, it can cause electrical overheating. As a result, your breaker may begin to trip from such an overload. Too many appliances plugged in simultaneously can be a big culprit. If you have a home filled with people using technical devices, ensure everyone remembers to unplug things when not using or charging them.

2. Short Circuit

A short circuit usually happens by accident. When a hot wire comes in contact with a neutral or ground wire, an electrical flow can happen. You should always be aware of any frayed or damaged wires lingering somewhere. A local electrician can make sure everything is okay during an inspection.

3. Faulty Wiring

You may have damaged external wiring and not be aware of it until something happens. A thorough home inspection is essential to your electrical installation needs. A local electrician will check for signs of frayed wires, exposed cables, and other related wear and tear. If you live in an older home that hasn’t had a recent inspection, call a professional to be safe.

4. Exceeded Capacity

According to The Spruce, a typical single-family home has a circuit breaker panel capacity of 200 amps, although some newer homes may have a capacity of 300 or 400 amps. The breaker can easily trip if your amp usage is too high. A system upgrade may be part of your electrical installation needs if you and your family exceed the limit, which is easy to do with many electronics and appliances.

5. Moisture or Water Damage

Has your breaker been exposed to moisture lately? It may happen due to inclement weather like storms and floods. A leak anywhere near the breaker can also set it off. Add additional waterproofing to your home if you need to.

There can be many reasons why your circuit breaker keeps tripping. Always practice safe and responsible electrical usage, but don’t be afraid to call a professional when the breaker gets out of control. If unsure about the cause of your breaker trip, contact our local team of electricians at Long View Lighting for assistance.


Everything You Need to Know About Electrical Shorts

Electrical shorts often seem to happen randomly and come and go without warning. However, any good electrician will tell you there’s no true mystery to frequent shorts. They’re often a symptom of a more persistent problem with a home’s electrical grid. Unfortunately, unmanaged shorts can lead to a higher fire risk. Fully understanding shorts, their causes, and prevention methods can minimize your risk.

What is an Electrical Short?

An electrical short occurs when excess electricity flows through a circuit and causes it to blow. Shorts may be temporary problems due to power surges and other short-term problems. However, chronic electrical shorts indicate a potential issue with a home’s electrical system.

For instance, “hot” wires, or those with too much electricity flowing through them, may cause too much electrical flow to a circuit. Poorly ground wires may trigger this problem, as can issues with electricity management. Understanding these causes can help you better diagnose and manage them.

What Causes an Electrical Short?

Electrical shorts have many causes, including too many or too few power outlets for a home. According to HomelyVille, a 12×14 foot room (standard for most homes) needs at least 4 to 6 electrical outlets. Too few will trigger a short by causing power to flow too narrowly in a room.

Other causes of shorts include aged wiring, damaged or weakened wire insulation, and incorrect wiring. When they occur, shorts can damage a home’s general electrical system. As a result, you need to get help from an electrician you can trust to handle these repairs effectively.

Can I Prevent Electrical Shorts?

Preventing electrical shorts requires little work. For example, you should avoid using excessive power bars in your room. Too many power bars can cause a heavy strain on your electrical system by plugging in more items than it can handle. Stick to one per outlet to minimize this risk.

You should also avoid running power cables under carpets, keep them away from heat, avoid water sources, and inspect them regularly. DIY inspection may help spot obvious problems but will only prevent some things. As a result, it’s critical to work with a professional that you can trust.

If you need an electrician to help with electrical shorts in your home, we’re here to help. Our team of contractors at Long View Lighting understands electrical issues and will provide the in-depth attention you need. For example, we can do a top-to-bottom home inspection to identify short risks. Then, we’ll eliminate these problems and help you better understand how to avoid them in the future.


Why You Should Never DIY Electrical Work

When it comes to electrical work, you should always rely on a professional electrician to complete any job. You should never attempt to work on electrical wires independently if you are underqualified. You could risk causing yourself and your home major harm. According to Onedesk, about 4 hundred people are electrocuted in their homes yearly, and around 2 hundred die. Working with electrical wires when you lack the necessary expertise can truly have disastrous results. Here’s why you must always call on a professional for any of your electrical needs.

You Could Electrocute Yourself

Dealing with electricity is dangerous, and you should never attempt to do so alone. You could electrocute yourself if you are unsure what to do with electrical wires. Electrocution is not always fatal but could cause serious harm or injury. If you need help with your home’s electrical systems, an electrician will have the necessary knowledge to get the job done safely.

You Could Damage Your Home

If you don’t know what to do with electrical wires, you could cause damage to your home. You could blow your breaker box and cause serious issues. You could also potentially start a fire if you aren’t careful. A skilled electrician will have the training necessary to avoid any mistakes that could cause permanent damage to your property.

It Could Be a Waste of Time

DIY projects often seem like a good idea. However, while they may save you a bit of money, they don’t often save you time. You could waste countless hours trying to figure out an electrical problem if you don’t have any experience in that field. Don’t waste time trying to work on something on your own when you could call an electrician to get the job done for you in a fraction of the time.

Working on electrical wires is never a safe idea if you are not a trained professional. You could seriously injure yourself or cause damage to your home. Don’t attempt to do electrical work without calling an electrician for help. If you need a professional to work on the electrical systems in your home, call Long View Lighting today. Our expert team will be happy to assist you with all of your electrical needs.


Why You Shouldn’t Procrastinate Hiring an Electrician

According to Times Mojo, it’s typical for a home to require rewiring every 20 to 40 years. Residential electrician services are one area of home maintenance that shouldn’t be neglected. Electrical work should always be done by a professional electrician who is fully licensed and insured. This type of work should also be done promptly. Keep reading to find out more about why you shouldn’t procrastinate when it comes to residential electrical services.

Safety First

One of the most common ways that house fires start is through electrical problems. If your electrical system isn’t working properly, you’ll want to have the problem corrected as soon as possible. In addition to fires, there are a number of other issues that can occur when your system is faulty. A full power outage is possible if your system shorts out, leaving you without HVAC and the use of other key appliances. Don’t risk damaging your home or health by delaying electrical repairs.

Delaying Electrical Repairs Often Makes the Problem Worse

If you’re noticing flickering lights, or your power is going out for short bursts of time, it’s important to call an electrician right away. These seemingly small problems can quickly grow into bigger concerns. Just like so many other home maintenance and repair issues, it’s always better to have them fixed sooner rather than later. Waiting can cause major electrical issues which can be expensive to repair, so it’s much better to get them fixed when the situation is more manageable.

Electricians Are in Demand

Just like so many other tradespeople, electricians are in demand. As discussed above, the longer the problem is left unaddressed, the worse it can become. When you call to make an appointment, you may also get some advice on how to prevent the problem from getting worse. If you wait until you have a serious issue on your hands, it’ll likely cost a lot more money in the long run.

If you’re experiencing any electrical issues, turn to Long View Lighting today. Our residential electrician services are top-notch and our team can handle any of your residential electrical needs. From electrical repair to installation, we’ve got you covered.


7 Signs You Need Breaker Panel Service

Having a properly functioning breaker panel is essential to ensure the safety of your home and family. Failing to recognize that you need breaker panel service can lead to catastrophes like fires. Here are some of the signs that you need to call an electrician to service your breaker panel.

1. Sparks or Smoke Near the Breaker Panel

Sparks or smoke coming from the breaker panel is a sign of danger. It’s important to shut off the power immediately and contact an electrician for further examination. Not doing so can result in severe consequences such as electric shock or fire.

2. Frequent Tripped Breakers

If you notice that one or more of your circuit breakers are tripping regularly, there may be a bigger issue with your breaker panel. The problem may come from an overloaded circuit or a short in the wiring.

3. Burning Smell

Be aware of a burning odor coming from your breaker panel. A burning smell is serious as it means your wiring is overheating and may be damaged. Call an electrical professional as soon as possible to ensure a fire doesn’t erupt.

4. Breaker Panel is Old

If your breaker panel is more than 10 years old, the system may need to be serviced. With an older panel, it’s more likely that there will be outdated parts and wiring, which can be dangerous. An electrician can upgrade the panel with newer technology.

5. Increase in Electrical Usage

Do you see a significant increase in your electricity bills? Such an increase might come from an overloaded breaker panel. More appliances and electronics can cause your electricity usage to exceed the capacity of your breaker panel.

6. Lights Flickering

You may see flickering lights when your panel is overloaded or improperly wired. The flickering usually indicates a problem with the power supply, which an electrician will be able to diagnose and repair.

7. Over Capacity

According to The Spruce, a typical single-family home has a breaker panel capacity of 200 amps, although some newer homes may have a capacity of 300 or 400 amps. Make sure you’re aware of your breaker’s limitations to avoid any potential overloads and hazardous situations.

The last thing you need is a malfunctioning breaker panel. If you notice any of the above signs, it’s important to contact a professional for breaker panel service. Our team of electricians at Long View Lighting will be happy to check out your breaker panel!


Choosing the Right Outlet Type for Your Home

Professional electrical installation services are always the safest way to get the electrical installation that you need. Electrical installation services can help you to choose the right outlets for your home and more. Here are some things you should consider when choosing outlets for your home.

The Common Residential Outlets

According to Bob Vila of This Old House fame, 15A, 120 volts are the most common residential outlets. These standard outlets can handle most household needs. Of course, there are cases when a standard 15A, 120V outlet is not the best option.

Keep reading to learn when you may need a different type of outlet for your home. Consulting with an electrical installation services company about unique situations can help you to get the right outlet for your needs.

GFCI Or AFCI: What’s the Difference?

Ground fault circuit interrupter outlets (GFCI outlets) come with a safety “switch.” This small built-in circuit breaker will trip the outlet and cut off electricity if moisture or an overload on the line is detected. These types of outlets are installed in kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor areas to keep the user from being electrocuted. Typically, building codes require that these outlets are installed where an outlet is a specific number of feet from a water source like a sink or bathtub.

An arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) will trip if an electrical arc is detected. The AFCI can help to prevent electrical fires. They can be installed in any room in the house to reduce the risk of electrical fires.

Large Appliance Outlets

If you have an outlet installed to use with a large appliance like a clothes dryer, a standard 15A, 120-volt outlet will likely not get the job done. You will need a 240-volt outlet installed. Any appliance that generates heat, like a heat pump, clothes dryer, or water heater, will need a heavy-duty outlet to ensure safe operation.

It’s essential that the outlet that is being installed can be supported by the electrical wiring in your home. An experienced professional can tell you more about your wiring and if the outlet you need can be installed.

Safety should always be a priority for your home. Professional electrical installation services can ensure that you get the right outlet installed. Call Long View Lighting today to learn more about your options for electrical outlets.


4 Reasons to Get New Outlets

There are many reasons you might want to consider electrical installation for new outlets. From making sure your family is safe to ensure they are in proper working order, it’s crucial to seek help from a qualified electrician for installation services. Below are some of the many reasons to get new outlets and electrical installation.

1. Not Enough Outlets

According to HomelyVille, a standard 12×14 foot room should ideally have at least four to six electrical outlets at minimum. While it might not seem like a big deal to just use extension cords, it’s not safe to overload outlets. If you have too many appliances or devices plugged in at the same time, it can be a fire hazard. It’s better to invest in new outlets and electrical installation services to ensure your family is safe.

2. Safety

Another important reason to consider electrical installation for new outlets is safety. If your existing outlets show signs of wear and tear, it’s best to invest in an upgrade right away. Faulty wiring can cause electric shock or even start a fire. Therefore, it’s essential to have a qualified electrician inspect the wiring before making changes.

3. Lighting the Room

When you install new outlets, it’s also a great chance to add some extra lighting to the room. You can use spotlights and dimmers for task and accent lighting, adding a layer of sophistication to your home. Moreover, you may want to consider adding recess lighting or ceiling fans for improved energy efficiency.

4. Aesthetic Appeal

Finally, having new outlets and electrical installation services can add to the aesthetic of your home. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of outlet styles and finishes that fit in with the design of your space. This will help increase the value of your property while also making it look more attractive. For instance, if you have missing outlet covers or outdated outlets, you might have homebuyers that are less interested in purchasing your home down the road.

Overall, investing in professional electrical installation for new outlets can help improve your home’s functionality, safety, and overall value. If you notice your home is in need of new outlets or you’re experiencing any issues with your existing outlets, turn to the professionals at Long View Lighting for reliable and efficient installation.


5 Signs Your Home Needs to be Rewired

Electricity is a powerful force that makes life easier but it can also become dangerous if things aren’t running properly. If you suspect your residential electrical installation needs a rewiring, there are some telltale signs that you should be aware of.

1. Flickering Lights

One of the most obvious and concerning signs that you may need a residential electrical installation is flickering lights. If your lights are dimming or flickering, it could indicate a problem with wiring connections in your walls. It might also indicate an issue with the power supply from the utility company, but this is less common.

2. Frequent Circuit Breaker Trips

If you find yourself resetting your circuit breakers more often than usual, it could signal an overloaded circuit. When too much electricity is drawn from a circuit, the breaker may trip and shut off power to that circuit. This could be due to an old residential electrical installation that cannot handle the load or other wiring issues in your home.

3. Discolored Outlets

Outlets that are discolored or show signs of burning and melting are definite signs that your residential electrical installation needs rewiring. An overloaded circuit, which happens when too much electricity passes through the wiring in your home, may be the cause.

4.Sparks Or Burning Smells

If you detect sparks or burning smells coming from your residential electrical installation, it’s time to call an electrician. Sparks indicate can indicate a loose connection somewhere in the wiring, while a burning smell is usually caused by an overloaded circuit. Both of these issues can be dangerous and should be addressed immediately.

5. Old Wiring

If your residential electrical installation is over 10 years old, it may not be up to current safety standards. An electrician should update your wiring if you have knob-and-tube wiring in your home. Knob-and-tube wiring is outdated and unsafe. An electrician will be able to inspect the wiring and provide you with a safe, up-to-date residential electrical installation.

It’s important to stay alert for signs that your residential electrical installation needs to be rewired. If you detect any of the issues mentioned above, don’t hesitate to contact a certified electrician for help. According to IBISWorld, in 2022, there are 1,144,114 people working in the U.S. Electricians industry. This means you won’t have a problem finding an electrician for your needs. Contact Long View Lighting for an electrical company you can trust.