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Lighting Trends

Enhance Your Kennesaw,GA, Home’s Curb Appeal With Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting in Kennesaw, are becoming increasingly popular as residents look to enhance the beauty and functionality of their outdoor spaces. Investing in quality landscape lighting and light fixtures can transform your backyard into an inviting and visually appealing environment that suits your personal taste and lifestyle. But you don’t need the expense of a landscape architect to develop high-quality exterior lighting designs.

Here in the Kennesaw area, several local, professional electrical companies, such as Long View Lighting, specialize in outdoor lighting design and installation. These experts can help you develop a stunning and well-planned outdoor lighting system at an affordable price that highlights your property’s unique features while providing optimal safety and usability.

Whether you’re interested in deck lighting, pathway lighting, or backyard illumination, choosing the right outdoor lighting solution for your Kennesaw, GA, home is key to creating a beautiful and functional outdoor living space.

Designing Outdoor Lighting in Kennesaw

Landscape Lighting Essentials

When designing outdoor lighting for your Kennesaw home, it’s essential to consider the overall landscape design and purpose of the lighting to choose the correct lighting fixtures. For best results, consider innovative designs that enhance the natural beauty of your front garden, rear garden area, and architectural features by incorporating pathway lights, deck lights, and other outdoor illumination options. Outdoor lighting fixtures that are energy-efficient, low-maintenance LED lights best accentuate and highlight specific features in your yard and garden plantings.

Here are some key elements to consider:

  • Safety and security: Illuminating walkways, stairs, and entry points with path lights reduces the risk of accidents and deters unwanted visitors.
  • Ambiance and aesthetics: Create a warm, welcoming atmosphere in your outdoor space by strategically placing lights around seating areas, rear patio area, and water features.
  • Functionality: Ensure adequate lighting for the pool area and outdoor activities and tasks such as cooking, dining, and entertainment.

Choosing the Best Location

The best location for your outdoor lighting depends on the layout of your property, the key features you wish to highlight, and your desired effect. Here’s a list of common areas to install outdoor lights:

  1. Pathways and driveways: Guide guests to your front door, reduce tripping hazards, and enhance curb appeal with path lighting
  2. Architectural features: Emphasize focal points, unique shapes, or textures of your home’s exterior and your home’s landscape.
  3. Front gardens: Showcase your landscaping efforts and outdoor paths. In addition, highlight specific plants or trees that deserve extra attention.
  4. Rear garden area: Set the mood for outdoor gatherings, create a serene retreat, and provide functional lighting for tasks like grilling or dining al fresco.
  5. Deck and patio areas: Add ambiance, safety, and practicality to your outdoor living spaces and residential property.

Experiment with different types of fixtures, such as uplights, downlights, and spotlights, to create depth and dimension in your landscape. Thoughtfully designed outdoor lighting schemes can showcase the beauty of your Kennesaw home while providing a safe environment of functional illumination and increasing safety throughout your property.

Installation and Service Providers in Kennesaw

Selecting Expert Lighting Professionals

When looking for outdoor lighting services in the greater Atlanta area, Cobb County, or, specifically, Kennesaw, GA, it’s crucial to choose expert lighting professionals with years of experience with landscape lighting. Long View Lighting has served the Kennesaw community for years, providing elegant and functional designs to enhance outdoor spaces.

You may also consider exploring platforms like HomeAdvisor and Google Business Profile to read customer reviews about the great job in landscape lighting installation services that Long View Lighting is known for.

Customer Satisfaction and Service Quality

Regarding customer satisfaction and service quality, Long View Lighting stands out due to its commitment to providing great customer service and delivering exceptional results. HomeAdvisor’s community has rated them for their service, professionalism, and expertise, making them an outstanding company for reliability and value for money. Long View Lighting has also been chosen as a Reader’s Choice Winner by area residents. Choosing expert lighting professionals will ensure you receive high-quality outdoor lighting installations. Further, you are guaranteed to work with a great company every step of the way that can address any concerns or issues you may have.

To enjoy an amazing experience, select Long View Lighting as your outdoor lighting company in Kennesaw that prioritizes providing experienced service professionals with a track record for delivering great customer service and maintaining a strong community reputation. Partnering with the experts will give you confidence in your outdoor lighting installation so that you can enjoy your beautifully illuminated outdoor spaces for years to come. Call us today at 770-318-4143!

Lighting Trends

How Do Motion Sensor Light Bulbs Work? A Woodstock Homeowner’s Guide

Have you ever stepped onto a front porch or room to witness the lights automatically coming on? That happens in properties that take advantage of motion sensor light bulbs. 

How do motion sensor light bulbs work? As the go-to contractor for outdoor lighting in Woodstock, GA, Long View Lighting explores the functionality of motion-activated light bulbs below. Keep reading to understand how motion sensor bulbs detect movement and why this could benefit you as a homeowner.

What You Need To Know About Motion Sensor Lights For Your Home in Woodstock, Georgia

A motion sensor light is an electrical system that works whenever it detects movement in a targeted space. What’s the mechanism behind motion sensor bulbs? Essentially, these light bulbs connect to sensors, which will switch on in response to movement.

That’s the working principle of motion sensor bulbs, and you can install them anywhere that holds light fixtures, including:

  • Walls
  • House exteriors
  • Front porches
  • Driveways
  • Ceilings

These innovative devices seamlessly integrate into just about any space to provide an extra level of security. To that end, they also blend in well among household items, such as books and vases. 

How Motion Detection in Light Bulb Technology Works

The operation of motion sensor light bulbs mostly depends on the type of detector. For example, common motion detectors include the following:  

Passive Infrared Sensors  

Many motion detectors use passive infrared sensors to detect the presence and movement of people or animals. Passive infrared sensors “wait” to detect this heat or movement. 

Once the infrared energy detects body heat or movement in or around your Woodstock home, it triggers the light switch.

Active Infrared Sensors  

Active sensors don’t wait around; they send out waves or signals, which return to the device to give it a reading. When an individual walks into a Woodstock property or home with an active infrared sensor, these waves detect the disturbance, send the information to the system, and then switch on the lights.

The relative accuracy of active over passive infrared sensors makes them ideal for outdoor applications, such as automatic garage doors and security systems.  

Microwave Sensors  

How do motion sensor light bulbs work? It depends on the type of sensor. For instance, they may use microwaves to detect reflections from moving objects.  

While these sensors can track larger areas compared to their infrared counterparts, their working mechanism makes them more vulnerable to object interference.

Dual Technology Sensors  

As the name implies, these sensors combine microwave and passive infrared sensors to track movement and trigger lights to switch on. The idea is that combining two technologies reduces the likelihood of false alarms.

Are you looking to enhance detection capabilities in your Woodstock home? Consider pairing dual technology sensors with other digital products like smart cameras.

How Woodstock Professionals Install Motion Sensor Lights  

Hiring a Woodstock electrical expert like Long View Lighting to install your motion sensor light bulbs eliminates the guesswork and promises a professional installation. Strategic placement, for example, matters a lot with motion lights.

Whether you want to install the lights indoors or outdoors, you want them to turn on at just the right time. That means placing the sensors strategically to see what you want them to see when you want them to see it. If you need motion sensor lights primarily for security reasons, you’ll want to focus on the main points of entry, such as front and back halls and foyers.

Similarly, you’ll want to avoid locations that could trigger false alarms, like radiators or windows that provide glare and unhelpful reflections.

How To Maximize Motion Sensor Lights’ Usefulness at Home    

Besides proper placement, keep the following tips in mind for motion detection sensors in Woodstock:  

  • Check the replaceable battery of your motion sensor regularly.  
  • Ensure the infrared sensor has an “unobstructed” view.  
  • If you have pets, consider them to avoid triggering the system. For example, many sensors allow adjustments based on a pet’s height and weight.

Trust Long View Lighting for Your Electrical and Motion Sensor Light Needs in Georgia 

How do motion sensor light bulbs work? Now that you understand these lighting options better, you might agree that they tend to provide convenient lighting solutions for various spaces. If you’d like to test out the concept at home, certified electricians like those at Long View Lighting can help you install the best motion sensor light bulbs. Can faulty wiring increase your electric bill? Reach out to Long View Lighting’s experts for answers and all your residential electrical needs in Woodstock, Georgia. The team provides a high-quality range of electrical installations and repairs.

Lighting Trends

What Is Accent Lighting and How Can It Transform Your Woodstock Home?

Lighting fixtures can enhance your home’s design, especially if you use a blend of ambient and accent lighting. What is accent lighting? Keep reading to learn how various fixtures can accent certain areas of your home and improve the overall flow and design. 

The experts at Long View Lighting have your solution when it comes to accent lighting, Woodstock lighting installation for outdoor landscapes, and more. See how they can transform your home for the better by contacting the team. 

Common Types of Lighting

Every home needs task light and ambient light. These are the most common types of general lighting that enable you to either perform certain tasks or illuminate large portions of your home. Lighting fixtures that fall under these categories include:

  • Desk lamps
  • Overhead lighting fixtures
  • Bright floor lamps

Task and ambient lighting often shine bright to lighten up a space. However, accent lighting can be just as important to any room, even though it may not seem like it. 

What Is Accent Lighting?

Unlike ambient and task lighting, accent light isn’t the main source of light within a room. It glows much softer and comes in many forms, such as narrow strips that line the base of your kitchen cabinets. The primary purpose of accent lighting is to adjust the mood of any setting and spark visual interest. 

For example, if you have beautiful framed artwork lining your hallway, using a strong overhead light won’t bring your attention to the art. Accent lighting, such as small bulbs with uplighting, will make the artwork the focal point of the hallway. Incorporating these fixtures in your Woodstock home lets you show off small details and create more depth. 

Illuminate Your Home Without Spending More Money

Many homeowners don’t invest in accent lighting because they want to save on their electric costs. Leaving soft lamps on in an area of the room you’re not using may seem like a waste of money and electricity, but you can use accent lighting throughout your home without seeing a drastic increase in your utility bills. 

LED lighting helps homeowners save over $200 each year on electricity costs. This energy-efficient solution is suitable for multiple forms of lighting, including outdoor spotlights, recessed ambient lighting, and small lamps that serve as accent lights.

You’ll not only save on your monthly bill but also cut down on replacement costs. LED light bulbs can last up to 25 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. 

Choose Long View Lighting for All Your Lighting Needs

What is accent lighting? What form of lighting is best for drawing attention to a home’s features? The experts at Long View Lighting have the answers to these questions and more. Reach out to the team if you’re interested in hiring an outdoor lighting company or have concerns about the current fixtures in your home. Contact Long View Lighting today to learn about various forms of lighting and how each one can enhance your Woodstock home.

Lighting Trends

How To Choose the Right Lighting for Your Outdoor Kitchen in Woodstock

With more property owners bringing their indoor spaces outside, people are looking to find the perfect lighting for outdoor kitchen spaces. Several types of lighting are vital to consider to ensure the entertaining and dining area has the right ambiance and visibility. Learn how to choose the right lighting and popular types, then connect with Long View Lighting in Woodstock, GA, and end your search for “landscaping lighting companies near me.”

Factors To Consider When Choosing Lighting

Before deciding on lighting for your outdoor kitchen, you must consider the following:

  • Electrical circuits: A skilled electrician can help install multiple circuits to safely handle your lighting and appliance needs.
  • Weather conditions: Weather-resistant lighting is an outdoor kitchen must-have, but increased durability comes at a higher cost.
  • Style preferences: Incorporating your personal style into your outdoor kitchen is possible with beautiful outdoor lighting.

Additionally, knowing any potential dangers of outdoor lighting can help you stay safe.

Types of Outdoor Kitchen Lighting

The most important part of choosing the right lighting for your outdoor kitchen is exploring your options.

Wall, Counter, & Bar Top Lighting

Outdoor kitchens may require several types of lighting to properly brighten the space, including wall lighting. If your kitchen has wall surroundings or is next to your home, having a well-lit wall is vital. Warm wall lighting helps the outdoor kitchen feel more welcoming and appealing.

Having a few skillfully placed light fixtures outside can take an outdoor kitchen from forgettable to fabulous. Wall lights can also make it easier to see your seating if you have an island. Adding some lights under countertops or a bar area further brightens the space and illuminates the food and drink prep areas to ensure you can see what you’re doing.

Task Lighting

Task lighting for outdoor kitchen spaces lights up essential areas for safety and convenience. Typically, these are overhead and for the following:

  • Seating areas
  • Grills and stoves
  • Refrigerators
  • Food prep areas
  • Storage spaces

Overhead Lighting

Many outdoor kitchens have some type of covering, such as a stylish pergola or pavilion. If you’re using your outdoor kitchen at night, it’s important that you aren’t working in the dark and can properly cook food without worries. One of the most popular overhead lighting options is string lights, which come in multiple shapes and styles and add whimsy and beauty to a space.

Other overhead lighting types include pendant lights and outdoor ceiling fans.

Path Lighting

Path lights are necessary to keep you and your guests safe when spending time in your outdoor kitchen. They can help transition between spaces and prevent people from tripping or walking in the dark.

Explore Lighting Options for Your Woodstock Outdoor Kitchen With Long View Lighting

Now that you have a better understanding of selecting the right lighting for outdoor kitchen areas work with a professional lighting team that offers affordable and stylish options for your budget. Long View Lighting also has exciting backyard party lighting ideas for your entertaining needs.

When you need outdoor lighting in Woodstock, GA, turn to Long View Lighting. Schedule an appointment online or by phone!

Lighting Trends

3 Backyard Party Lighting Ideas for Your Woodstock Home

Woodstock’s sprawling landscape provides an abundance of attractive parks, trails, and big backyards. If you’re one of 65% of residents who happen to own their homes, why not reimagine your space for an upcoming backyard party? But all great decor ideas for a successful gathering start with the appropriate backyard party lighting.

A local team like Long View Lighting understands that lighting is about more than illuminating your property after sunset. The right lighting creates ambiance, whether you want romance or a bustling, vibrant atmosphere. So, before you start the search for “landscaping lighting companies near me,” check out these top three lighting ideas.

Three Lighting Ideas to Spark Joy and Make a Statement

#1 Party Lights Hidden Within Foliage For a Wild and Mysterious Milieu

Many people aim to subtly light up their backyard space without making the lighting fixtures a focal point or their dining area a spotlight. However, in an overgrown yard with shrubbery, trees, flowers, and plants, you won’t want the city-like theme that festoon lights exude. Why not opt for delicate fairy lights instead? 

When hidden within the foliage, these dainty lights promise a warm glow that is not overbearing and stays true to your green backyard style. You can also hire a professional to neatly hang the string lights on your fence, trees, shed, or pergola, enhancing your Woodstock dinner party experience.

#2 Firepits for Adventure and Stories in Woodstock, Georgia

If you want more of a focal point, a cozy fireplace produces a comforting golden glow and warmth during the fall and winter. It also provides those soothing crackling sounds (if you opt for a wood-burning appliance). Many fireplaces are also electric, proving safer around children and pets. 

One option is centering the firepit on a patio, but why not designate a seating area off the dining section so guests can step away from the action for some downtime? Wherever it is, a fire for backyard party lighting speaks volumes. And what compliments a roaring fire better than some tiki torches lining the pathway or candlesticks on the outdoor dining table? 

#3 Chinese Lanterns 

If subtlety is not your forte, add a splash of color to your Woodstock home’s outdoor space with Chinese lanterns for patio lighting. Complement your foliage and patio set colors or contrast them. Lanterns are versatile, from designer neon ones to pastels.

Also, the solar or battery-powered lights are perfect for any backyard party, covering the entire area with a flickering, welcoming glow.

Level-Up Your Lighting System in Woodstock, Georgia

Long View Lighting’s electricians have just the right landscape lighting to show off your Woodstock property’s best features. Call for installations, rewiring, and replacements indoors and outdoors!

For long-lasting, quality backyard party lighting in Woodstock, Georgia, contact Long View Lighting for a free estimate!

Lighting Trends

Hiring an Outdoor Lighting Company in Woodstock? Look for These 5 Qualities

A few things elegantly highlight the outside of your home like a quality outdoor lighting setup. This usually involves seeking an outdoor lighting company to provide the products and services you need. But if you hope to find Woodstock’s outdoor landscape lighting experts, you’ll want to know what to look for as you research local lighting businesses.

Check for these five qualities to determine if an outdoor lighting company is worth your patronage.

1. They Fit Within Your Budget and Have Honest Pricing

Having a budget in mind is a vital step when shopping for an outdoor lighting company. However, some businesses may take advantage of your excitement to update your home’s outdoor lighting setup and try to upsell you on services you don’t need or charge hidden fees.

Take a moment to calculate what you can afford, find a company with affordable pricing, and ask for a complete pricing breakdown to make an informed decision.

2. They Have a Great Reputation

Customer reviews are one of the fastest ways to determine whether an outdoor lighting company is reliable. People tend to voice their opinions when they’re happy with the service they receive. This goes doubly so when they have a negative experience.

If the company you’re considering has a series of negative reviews, you should probably consider one with more positive online feedback.

3. They Offer Warranties

Although offering products that last should be the goal of any outdoor lighting company, the unfortunate truth is that a lighting system can fail and leave your yard or patio shrouded in darkness at night. Reliable businesses will recognize this inconvenience and safety concern by offering a lifetime warranty. This will give you reassurance and peace of mind if something goes wrong with your lights after the installation.

4. They Have a Wide Selection

What good is an outdoor lighting company when it lacks a solid selection to meet your needs and preferences? A company with an array of lighting options, like wall lanterns, sconces, and spotlights, can accommodate your vision. They may also have custom solutions to add a unique flair to your outdoor lighting.

5. They Have Demos or Displays

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but a photo of an outdoor lighting setup can only show you so much. A worthwhile outdoor lighting company should offer demos or displays of their products in dimmable rooms so you can get an accurate idea of what certain lighting setups will look like on your property.

Reach Out to Long View Lighting for Quality Outdoor Lighting in Woodstock

Adding color and ambiance to indoor lighting is a common desire for Woodstock residents, but you shouldn’t overlook outdoor lighting. On top of the aesthetic appeal, outdoor lanterns, LEDs, and security lights can add safety to your home when the sun goes down.

Long View Lighting is Woodstock’s trusted, award-winning outdoor lighting team. With convenient electrical solutions, no-nonsense pricing, and a commitment to the highest quality of service, you can rely on Long View Lighting for your outdoor lighting needs. Contact the company today to learn about their lighting options.

Lighting Trends

3 Tips for Adding Color and Ambiance to Indoor Lighting

Imagine you’re hosting a dinner party, and everything is perfect, from the drinks to the food to the tablescape. However, there’s one problem: the bright, cold lights you have in your dining room don’t create the right ambiance. 

Indoor lighting has the power to set the mood, whether it’s a romantic meal or the perfect look for a movie night. 

Learn how to add color and ambiance to your home with these lighting tips.

1. Layer Your Lighting

Only having one type of lighting can look flat. Instead, combine accent, task, and ambient lighting. These three types of lighting add dimension and make creating a warm atmosphere easier. 

Incorporate different types of kitchen lighting, from track lighting to cabinet lights, to help you see as you cook. Statement lighting fixtures, such as chandeliers, are a must-have in any home. It’s especially eye-catching in the dining room. 

Recessed downlights are a popular choice that is minimally intrusive and easily adjusted. Most are dimmable, so you can adjust the amount of light you want throughout the day. Plus, LED technology allows homeowners to incorporate different lighting temperatures (warm or cool). 

2. Choose the Right Color

Color temperature refers to the appearance of light produced by a bulb. Warmer colors have an orangish-yellow hue, while cooler temperatures refer to more blueish light. 

Less than 2000K (Kelvin) is a dim light that looks similar to the color and brightness of candlelight. 3100K-4500K is bright white and is more neutral in color. 6500K and up produces a blue-tinted light. 

Depending on where a bulb falls on the scale, it will produce different hues, which will impact the look of your indoor lighting. 

Color also has a big impact on our mood, which is something to keep in mind if you select color-changing bulbs. Make sure to consider these facts when setting the ambiance in rooms like the dining room or bedroom. 

3. Ensure You Have Enough Lighting

You should have at least three sources of light in every room, except perhaps small bathrooms, laundry rooms, etc.

Always work with professional electricians when installing lighting or rewiring your home. They have the knowledge and tools necessary to do the work the right way. Plus, they can advise you on the best types of lighting for your home. 

You always want to have enough lighting in your home not only for ambiance but for safety and health as well. For instance, it’s vital to keep your kitchen well-lit to prevent accidents. Use brighter lights in this room and dimmer, warmer lights in areas like the dining room and bedroom. 

Set the Mood With Your Indoor Lighting

While mastering indoor lighting can seem complicated, it doesn’t have to be if you use these tips. Remember that the key to proper ambiance is to layer your lights, using different types and dimmable bulbs to help set the mood. 

Do you need electrical contractors in Woodstock, GA? Here at Long View Lighting, we’re proud to be your trusted neighborhood electrician. Whether you need help with home re-wiring or setting the mood, you can count on us. 

We’ll help you combine task, ambient, and recessed lighting in your home to set the mood. 

Lighting Trends Landscape Lighting

How to Choose the Right Landscape Lighting for Your Home

A high-quality landscape design can improve curb appeal and increase your home’s value by 20-30%. An essential element of your home’s curb appeal is landscape lighting. Adding lights to your property increases safety and improves nighttime curb appeal by adding visibility after the sun sets. 

However, you can’t throw a few lights in the yard and call it a day. You need to consider fixture type, light created, and overall design. Follow this guide to choose the right landscape lighting for your home. 

Types of Lighting

The type of lighting that you choose will depend on what you want to illuminate. Most outdoor lighting designs use a combination of lighting types. For example, you could have uplights bordering the driveway, string lights in the tree branches, floodlights on the house, and garden lights in the flower bed. 

These are some of the most popular types of lights used in outdoor lighting. 

  • Floodlights
  • Spotlights
  • Uplights 
  • Downlights 
  • Step lights 
  • Garden lights 
  • Bollard lights 
  • String lights

Outdoor Lighting Styles

The style of your outdoor lighting will depend on your goals. There is no single “best lighting” that will work for everyone. Instead, lighting style is about the impression or mood the lighting creates. 


One of the most popular reasons for adding outdoor lighting is to increase safety. This type of landscape lighting focuses on the areas that people navigate, such as the driveway, walkway, or door. The light is typically bright and broad to illuminate the ground around them. 


This type of lighting is on the minimal side with strategic placement. Each light has the purpose of highlighting a specific feature. A light could illuminate a large tree or hearty shrub full of blooms. 

In addition to the landscaping, accent lighting can highlight the home’s architectural features. Depending on the use and placement, accent lights could be bright or dim and focused or broad. 

Bold Statement 

If you want to make a statement with your landscape lighting, you want a bold style. This is lighting that makes people stop and look.

The light is typically brighter and stronger than other styles. You may also see unique colors and placement. 


This lighting style tries to mimic the lighting that occurs naturally in nature. The lights are soft and hidden, creating gentle illumination. The final effect is similar to the illumination produced during a full moon. 

Long-Term Maintenance Requirements 

Consider how much time, money, and effort you are willing to put into the long-term maintenance of your outdoor lighting system.

For example, LED bulbs last for tens of thousands of hours. That way, you will rarely need to replace them. Likewise, hardwiring your outdoor lights or installing solar panels will eliminate the need to replace batteries. 

Add Landscape Lighting

As you can see, there are plenty of landscape lighting options available. This allows you to create a design that suits the home’s architecture and landscape design. Our experienced team is happy to help owners create designs that suit the homeowner’s style and budget. 

Let our expert designers help you create an exterior lighting design.

Lighting Trends

5 Benefits of Recessed Lighting

As a homeowner, you should do everything you can to increase the value of your home and add beneficial features. Changing your current lighting systems to recessed lighting, for example, has many benefits. You can contact a professional for a residential electrical installation to install recessed lighting in your home. Take a look at these five benefits of recessed lighting.

1. Better Coverage

Recessed lights are spaced across a ceiling, offering a better coverage area in any room. This is going to offer better lighting overall. With recessed lighting, it’s easier to light up your entire room. If you want more uniform light across an entire room, then recessed lighting is the best option for you.

2. Cleaner Finish

Recessed lighting provides a cleaner look because the lights are hidden. Recessed lights are sunken into the ceiling, so there is no unsightly protruding fixture to worry about. The lights look more uniform and have an overall cleaner look than other light fixtures.

3. Timeless in Style

You don’t have to worry about recessed lights going out of style. They are hidden from view for the most part. Their neat and clean look is sure to stay in style for decades. You can achieve this timeless style by hiring someone for a residential electrical installation.

4. Adds Value to Your Home

Any home improvement project will add value to your home. According to Rezigo, LED recessed lighting can add up to 1 to 3% to a home’s property value. If you want to sell your home in the future, you should consider recessed lighting.

5. Available in Many Styles

Recessed lighting is available in many different styles. You can count on a residential electrical installation to change your home’s lighting fixtures to a recess lighting option that matches your aesthetic. You can choose from any number of styles to go with the theme of your home. You don’t have to worry about a lighting fixture that doesn’t match the atmosphere you are trying to project.

Reach out to our professionals today to inquire about recessed lighting for your home. You won’t regret taking the steps to improve the lighting fixtures in any room. Recessed lighting offers many benefits, and we’d be happy to discuss them with you further. Contact Long View Lighting today for more information!

Lighting Trends

6 Reasons to Switch to Energy-Efficient Lighting

Your electrical installation needs may vary for your home, but you should consider going green with your lights. Switching to energy-efficient lighting is a great way to reduce your electricity bill and save money. Not only that, but it can also help reduce your environmental footprint. Here are five reasons you should revamp your home or business with lighting that can preserve energy.

1. Cost Savings

You’ll reduce your electricity costs by as much as 75%. Additionally, it can reduce the need for electrical installation repairs since the lights are designed to be more efficient and require less electrical work. It’ll save you even more money in the long run.

2. Improved Performance

Energy-efficient lighting uses fewer watts than traditional lighting, which means it can produce the same amount of light or even more with less electrical energy. So expect increased performance and a longer lifespan for your lighting.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Energy-efficient lighting uses fewer watts and therefore produces less heat and carbon dioxide emissions. Yes, watts correlate with heat. So this type of lighting can help decrease your environmental footprint. Make the switch so you can make a difference in the health of our planet.

4. Job Creation

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, electrician employment is projected to grow by 9% from 2020-2030, in large part thanks to our energy-efficient electrical installation needs. Expect to see more electrical jobs created, and more people will have access to living wage employment.

5. Variety of Options

One of the great things about energy-efficient light is that there are many different options to choose from. There are a variety of styles, sizes, and colors available, so you can find the perfect lighting option that fits your needs and aesthetic. Have fun shopping for amazing lamp designs that feature LED bulbs.

6. Easy To Install

Energy-efficient lighting is easy to install and can be done by any electrical contractor. Additionally, energy-efficient lighting does not require any electrical rewiring or electrical upgrades, so you can switch to this type of lighting without having to do any electrical work.

Switching to energy-efficient lighting is a great way to improve your electrical installation needs. It can create more electrical jobs and provide access to living wages for electrical workers. With so many options available, you’re sure to find the perfect lighting for any home or business. If you’ve got your lights picked out and you’re looking for reliable lighting installation services, contact Long View Lighting today.