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4 Key Considerations When Choosing Outdoor Lighting

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As you think about ways to spruce up your home, think of outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting can beautify the exterior of your Woodstock home. Plus, it adds a layer of security to your property.

Long View Lighting is a full-service outdoor lighting company that installs hundreds of outdoor lighting fixtures each year. We proudly serve Woodstock, GA, and the surrounding communities with top-notch landscape lighting set-ups. We have decades of outdoor lighting experience and can install the exterior lighting fixture of your dreams.

Consider these four questions when choosing your outdoor lighting.

Consideration #1: How Big Should Your Outdoor Lighting Set-up Be?

The size of your set-up should be your first consideration when investing in outdoor lighting. You’ll especially want to strike an even balance between your exterior lights and interior lighting. If you install an outdoor lighting set-up that’s too large, it will overwhelm your interior lights.

Fortunately, our licensed and insured contractors can recommend the perfect size lighting structure for your Woodstock home.

Consideration #2: What Color Will Your Fixture Be?

When choosing outdoor lighting for your Woodstock, GA, home, you must also select an appropriate color. While it can be tempting to select fluorescent colors, your yard may not look the way you’d envisioned it. 

Our outdoor lighting company offers several color options for choosing outdoor lighting. Our experts can help you choose the most flattering colors for your home.

Consideration #3: How Durable Should Your Lights Be?

You’ll want your outdoor post lights and path lighting to be durable enough to withstand inclement weather such as heavy winds.

We also recommend an LED lighting fixture as these light types are more energy-efficient than other bulbs. As a result, you’ll spend less money on your monthly energy bill. Furthermore, when your LED lights sustain damage, you can replace them more cheaply than other lighting fixtures. 

Consideration #4: What Part of Your Yard Do You Want to Illuminate?

Outdoor lights can powerfully accentuate your yard. We can arrange your light fixture to highlight the most attractive area of your front yard. Doing so can improve your home’s curb appeal and add to its beauty.

If you have a fountain or another feature that you want to show off, we recommend a spotlight. A spotlight fixture will beautifully illuminate your yard fixture at night.

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