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3 Common Causes of Damaged Garage Doors

The moving parts and pieces of garage doors can wear out over time. Reviewing the common issues that lead to a damaged garage door can help you monitor your door. Here, we discuss three of the most frequent causes of damage to garage doors.

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Broken Springs and Cables

Your garage door uses a number of springs and cables to raise and lower itself. Investigating the causes of a damaged garage door frequently leads you right back to these cables and springs. When springs break, they snap and often fall to the floor.

The cables pull your garage door directly each time you open or close the door. These cables get more brittle as they age, and they may eventually snap. You can assess your cables for evidence of damage. Replacing the cables before they snap can help you prevent additional damage.

You can also replace garage door springs, even after they break and fall to the ground. Taking this step can help you get your garage door working again.

A Misaligned Garage Track

Garage doors move on a track that directs them up and down. Over time, these tracks can shift due to continual usage. Some property owners ignore the misalignment at first because the garage door still works.

However, the track will only move further out of position over time. Eventually, it can run into other parts of the garage mechanism, causing additional damage. Regular garage door maintenance can extend the life of your track.

You can also reach out to the professionals if you notice the track shifting position. They can step in to repair or replace a damaged garage door track.

Worn Out Hardware

Garage door systems rely on lots of pieces of hardware to function properly. Each time you raise your garage door, the system draws on hinges and bolts. Time can impact the function of these metallic parts. They can wear away with continued use or even develop an issue with rust.

You can take steps to prevent this kind of issue by:

  • Inspecting the hardware regularly
  • Tightening loose bolts
  • Lubricating moving parts

Make sure that you use an oil-based lubricant when taking care of your garage door hardware. Taking these steps can help prolong the life of your garage door. You may also catch any more serious issues as they develop.

Get Help with a Damaged Garage Door

Do you have a damaged garage door? You can review the common causes of these issues with a garage door repair service in Woodstock, GA. Reach out to Long View Lighting to learn more about options to repair or maintain your garage door. You can get started when you call 770-790-3511.

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