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How Deep Does an Electrical Wire Need To Be Buried in Your Woodstock Home?

how deep does an electrical wire need to be buried

Say one wants to install a shed in their yard and wants to run underground wire to power things. Obviously, burying the wires seems like the smartest move from the perspective of design. However, how deep does an electrical wire need to be buried? In this post, the team at Long View Lighting will explain the rules for burying underground wires.

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How Deep Should Electrical Wires Be?

First off, homeowners will need to get the right electrical permit to run electricity through their yard for a DIY project. The National Electric Code (NEC) governs the appropriate depth for burying a wire, which states that high-voltage underground cables must be buried at least two feet underneath the ground level.

So, how deep does an electrical wire need to be buried? Required depths for wires depend on the type of soil and whether you also use a conduit. Conduits are basically plastic or metal sleeves that you bury in the ground and then feed the electrical wire through. Conduits provide a weatherproof enclosure and protect buried wires from damage from rocks, soil, and tree roots. 

Conduit dig depths depend on the type of conduit material. Metal conduit can be buried up to six inches deep as long as you use wires rated for use in wet locations. Direct burial is suitable for low-voltage wiring. 

PVC conduits must be buried at least 18 inches below the ground. UF cables, which send power from outdoors to indoors, must be buried at least 24 inches deep for the entire run of the wire. Ensure you bury the wires at the appropriate depth for your Woodstock home.  

Why Do I Need to Bury Wires?

The main reason regulations require Woodstock homeowners to bury electrical wiring is to reduce fire risk and electrical hazards. Main power lines carry a lot of voltage, and the closer they lie to the surface, the more likely they can cause a fire or injury if they malfunction. 

Buying wires underground inside conduits not only protects the wire from damage but also disperses electricity in the ground if there is some kind of malfunction. Instead of starting a fire, the electricity will disperse into the ground. 

How To Bury Wire

The simplest way to bury a wire and conduit requires using a trenching machine. Trenching machines might be necessary if one plans for a 24-inch trench depth. After digging the trench, one can lay the conduit and feed the wire through. The soil can then be replaced to cover the conduit. 

Homeowners should remember to call their local electrical authority before digging in their yard to ensure they don’t dig into any wires or gas lines. 

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Professional electrical work is important to prevent electrical hazards at home. Homeowners in Woodstock can always count on the team at Long View Lighting for fast and reliable work. 

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