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Recessed Lighting Installation: How Long It Takes and How Much It Costs in 2021

Often when homeowners explore the latest lighting options, they find themselves asking: How long does it take to install recessed lighting? Learn more about recessed lighting as well as the time and costs required to install it in this simple and informative guide from the professionals at Long View Lighting.

What Is Recessed Lighting?

Recessed lighting uses fixtures installed above the ceiling line or inside other surfaces to evenly light the room. These installations work particularly well as accent lighting that highlights specific aspects of a home, plus their low profile makes them suitable for almost any aesthetic. They also work well for retrofitting older properties as they only require a new hole in the ceiling to house each fixture.

LED recessed lights are a more popular option than older can lights. Not only can homeowners integrate these lights into a smart home system, but they can also control LED lights with dimmer switches and adjust their colors to create the perfect atmosphere.

How Much Does Recessed Lighting Cost?

The cost to install recessed lighting can range anywhere between $100 and $480 for each lighting fixture, but the average price is $360 each. Around $200 of this cost accounts for labor at the average rate of $95 per hour. The rest covers materials such as bulbs, trim, and wires.

Having to move around heating ducts and other obstacles or install recessed lighting in high ceilings will increase the cost significantly. These challenges can require more labor or specialized equipment to place the lights, increasing installation costs by over $200 per fixture.

Installation cost estimates also need to consider any related expenses. Wiring new LED recessed lights into the ceiling can cost $70 to $140 for each light, while installing a dimmer switch usually requires another $125. Asking the electrician for a full lighting installation quote will give an accurate representation of the cost for the whole project.

How Long Does It Take to Install Recessed Lighting?

Recessed lighting installation typically takes between two to four hours, but the actual time may differ depending on the number of fixtures and other factors. Installing lights that are on the same circuit is significantly faster, as is working with new construction. 

A licensed electrician will require extra time to protect the installation area with drop cloths and clean up the space after they are done. Other factors such as physical obstacles or the need to install a new circuit can also increase the installation time.

The experts at Long View Lighting will help you choose the right recessed lights for your needs and install them with trained precision. Call 770-790-3511 to schedule your recessed lighting installation in Woodstock, GA, today.

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