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How To Choose the Right Lighting for Your Outdoor Kitchen in Woodstock

lighting for outdoor kitchen

With more property owners bringing their indoor spaces outside, people are looking to find the perfect lighting for outdoor kitchen spaces. Several types of lighting are vital to consider to ensure the entertaining and dining area has the right ambiance and visibility. Learn how to choose the right lighting and popular types, then connect with Long View Lighting in Woodstock, GA, and end your search for “landscaping lighting companies near me.”

Factors To Consider When Choosing Lighting

Before deciding on lighting for your outdoor kitchen, you must consider the following:

  • Electrical circuits: A skilled electrician can help install multiple circuits to safely handle your lighting and appliance needs.
  • Weather conditions: Weather-resistant lighting is an outdoor kitchen must-have, but increased durability comes at a higher cost.
  • Style preferences: Incorporating your personal style into your outdoor kitchen is possible with beautiful outdoor lighting.

Additionally, knowing any potential dangers of outdoor lighting can help you stay safe.

Types of Outdoor Kitchen Lighting

The most important part of choosing the right lighting for your outdoor kitchen is exploring your options.

Wall, Counter, & Bar Top Lighting

Outdoor kitchens may require several types of lighting to properly brighten the space, including wall lighting. If your kitchen has wall surroundings or is next to your home, having a well-lit wall is vital. Warm wall lighting helps the outdoor kitchen feel more welcoming and appealing.

Having a few skillfully placed light fixtures outside can take an outdoor kitchen from forgettable to fabulous. Wall lights can also make it easier to see your seating if you have an island. Adding some lights under countertops or a bar area further brightens the space and illuminates the food and drink prep areas to ensure you can see what you’re doing.

Task Lighting

Task lighting for outdoor kitchen spaces lights up essential areas for safety and convenience. Typically, these are overhead and for the following:

  • Seating areas
  • Grills and stoves
  • Refrigerators
  • Food prep areas
  • Storage spaces

Overhead Lighting

Many outdoor kitchens have some type of covering, such as a stylish pergola or pavilion. If you’re using your outdoor kitchen at night, it’s important that you aren’t working in the dark and can properly cook food without worries. One of the most popular overhead lighting options is string lights, which come in multiple shapes and styles and add whimsy and beauty to a space.

Other overhead lighting types include pendant lights and outdoor ceiling fans.

Path Lighting

Path lights are necessary to keep you and your guests safe when spending time in your outdoor kitchen. They can help transition between spaces and prevent people from tripping or walking in the dark.

Explore Lighting Options for Your Woodstock Outdoor Kitchen With Long View Lighting

Now that you have a better understanding of selecting the right lighting for outdoor kitchen areas work with a professional lighting team that offers affordable and stylish options for your budget. Long View Lighting also has exciting backyard party lighting ideas for your entertaining needs.

When you need outdoor lighting in Woodstock, GA, turn to Long View Lighting. Schedule an appointment online or by phone!

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