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How To Hire an Electrician: 2021 Guide

Nowadays, many homeowners are considering home improvement projects that require electrical work. Some jobs, such as installing light fixtures or adding outlets and light switches, may seem straightforward. Other jobs are more complex, like upgrading the circuit breaker, installing ceiling fans, or maintaining worn-out or outdated electrical systems. 

It generally isn’t hard to find a local electrician or electrical contractor who will show up at your home. Finding one that will do a professional job so that the work will last for years to come can be more challenging. Keep the following considerations in mind when you evaluate bids.

Do You Need an Electrician Urgently?

If you hear buzzing, smell burning odors, experience flickering lights, or have your circuit breaker trip frequently, you may have a serious problem that needs urgent attention. In this case, you should look for an experienced electrical contractor that offers emergency services. For new installations, upgrades, and construction, you can take your time and evaluate bids to find the best electrician.

What To Look for in an Electrician

Deciding how to hire an electrician may depend on the type of work you want them to do. Their level of expertise should be appropriate for the complexity of the job. If you need something relatively simple done, such as installing outlets or switches, a journeyman electrician should be able to do the job. 

For substantial changes to the electrical systems, replacing old wiring, or working with hard-to-find parts and equipment, an experienced master electrician is a better bet, despite the higher cost.

In general, you will want an electrician that has:

  •  a license and insurance (including worker’s compensation insurance) according to your state’s requirements
  • a one-year warranty
  •  positive reviews on sites like Yelp
  • a good reputation in your community

Use review sites, social media, and the Better Business Bureau to find an electrician who meets your needs.

Cost Considerations

An electrician should charge between $50 and $100 per hour plus the cost of parts. However, the hourly rate is not the only factor in determining an electrician’s cost. An inexperienced electrician could take longer to complete the job, pushing the total cost up. 

Also, if the installation fails after the warranty period, or if the electrician doesn’t offer a warranty, you will be out the cost of redoing the repairs. Even if the electrician fixes the issue while it’s still under warranty, the time spent on a second service call adds to your project costs. Getting the job done right the first time saves you money in the long run.

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