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How to Pick the Right Outdoor Lighting for Your Garden

You don’t have to stop spending time outdoors when the sun goes down. You can create an oasis perfect for entertaining with the right outdoor lighting. 

However, getting exterior lighting right can be a challenge. Here’s how to select the right types of landscape lighting for your garden and how an electrical contractor can make the most of your outdoor space. 

Use the Three Types 

The three basic lighting categories are task, ambient, and accent lights. 

Task lighting helps you to see while performing a certain activity. For example, it might be for guidance, such as solar stakes along a walkway or stair lights that illuminate the area and prevent dangerous slips and falls. You want to protect yourself and your guests, especially considering one in five falls causes a serious injury. 

Ambient or general lighting provides the overall look and glow. In the garden, you can create this effect with post lights or hanging bulbs. 

You can achieve accent lighting with the help of an electrical contractor and different landscape kits, such as spotlights. 

Decide How Much Light You Need

People often underestimate how much light they’ll need to illuminate a space effectively. Of course, that doesn’t mean going crazy on the lights. Achieve balance by calculating how much wattage you’ll need, spotting particularly dark areas, and noting any features you want to highlight. 

A professional landscape lighting company will know how to balance light and darkness to create the perfect mood. 

There are also many types of lighting for different areas of an outdoor space. Garden lights bring attention to trees, shrubs, and flowers. They can be decorative, functional, or both. 

Save Energy With LEDs

LEDs use up to 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs and last up to 25 times longer. When illuminating your garden area, it pays to install LED lights since you’ll get the same amount of light but for less money. 

The benefit of working with electrical contractors is that they’ll help you choose the right type and color for the area. Usually, outdoor lighting has a soft and warm glow, which creates an inviting atmosphere. The goal is to make a space that encourages relaxing and enjoying the beautiful garden that you have. 

Set the Mood

Gardens naturally have a whimsical and romantic feel to them. You can work with this by adding the right types of lights to the space. String lights are a popular choice that fit perfectly in a garden area. 

Consider your preferences as well. Perhaps you want to mimic the look of an old gas lantern and create a vintage vibe, or maybe clean and modern is more your style. You want this to be a space you can enjoy. 

Choosing Outdoor Lighting That Suits You

Illuminating your garden with the right outdoor lighting is the perfect way to create a relaxing oasis. Use these tips to ensure you make the most of the area you have. 

We can help with all your electrical needs, from landscape lighting to home rewiring. Read our blog on key considerations for outdoor lighting, and then contact us to get a free estimate on a job. 

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