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The Warning Signs That You Need to Rewire Your Home

Electrical issues can lead to catastrophic failures within your home. It can damage your appliances due to the unstable nature of the power lines and wirings. It can also be the source of fires due to faulty wiring, which is why a lot of local wiring services are more important now than ever.

A short circuit might be all that it takes for a home to fall ablaze. Consider the thought that home electrical fires account for most of the damages within the US, with each year causing over $700 million in property damage

A home rewiring can help such matters, helping you avoid these forms of hazards. Today, we look at the warning signs that indicate your home’s need for rewiring. 

Flickering Lights

Look at your lighting fixtures and see if you see any of the bulbs flicker all the time. If you notice that they flicker regularly even after having them fastened firmly, then you need to get your wiring checked. This is usually a sign of loose wiring connections.

Burning Smells

A persistent burning smell is also another sign to look out for. This can come from your wires, which would usually indicate faulty wires or loose connections. These can lead to short circuits, which can damage and singe the walls and outlets. 

Old Wiring

For older homes, you might still be using older wirings. In some cases, you might be using aluminum wiring, which you would see in homes built between years 1965 and 1973. While they may seem effective as they are, these have a potential danger to them due to their inability to handle today’s technological needs.

In this case, these older wires have a high risk of burning out and short-circuiting. Old wiring can lead to other electrical problems, which can lead to electrical fires. You’ll need to consider whole home rewiring to resolve this issue.

Discolored Outlets and Switches

You might notice the outlets and switches that have visible burn marks, causing them to have a darkened or blackened color on them. These tend to be signs of shorting and sparks coming from the wiring. These are visible signs of faulty wiring, something that would need immediate attention.

Circuit Breaker Tripping Frequently

Circuit breakers trip to protect your appliances from power surges. If you notice that your breaker trips more frequently, you have other factors at play here. Consider having an electrical inspection done by a professional to ascertain the cause.

Low Number of Outlets

Having few outlets may end up with you using more extension cords. This can be handy but it is also dangerous, especially when you end up overloading the lines. A whole home rewiring can, once again, help solve this problem, allowing for more outlets installed.

Get a Home Rewiring Today

If any of these signs come up in your home, consider a home rewiring today. This gives you a chance to use new wires with durable material. Along with that, you also increase the number of outlets and you get to prevent fires from occurring.

You can get reliable wiring services for your home today. You can contact us right now to get started.

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