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Residential Wiring Services in Woodstock, GA

Ensure the safety and reliability of your home’s electrical system with our residential wiring services. Call us today.

Your home’s wiring system distributes electricity throughout your home, allowing you to see when it’s dark, charge your phone, and keep your food and drinks frosty—it’s pretty important. Your electric wiring’s condition has a significant impact on the dependability and safety of your electrical system.

If you are building a new home or your home needs new wiring, you can count on our trusted, friendly electricians at Long View Lighting in Woodstock, GA. We are an award-winning company dedicated to reliable service and complete customer satisfaction. Let us take care of your home’s electrical systems!

Want to deter burglars and monitor activity around your home? Schedule a security camera installation service.

Woodstock’s Best Residential Wiring Services

At Long View Lighting, we can take care of any wiring in and around your home. Our wiring services include:

  • Kitchen appliance wiring: Ensure the safe and reliable functioning of appliances such as your microwave or dishwasher.
  • Appliance and device wiring: Prevent power surges and reduce the demand on your electric system.
  • Hot tub and pool wiring: This service includes installing electric components such as filtration systems and lights that need to operate safely underwater.
  • Early warning system wiring: Install smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms to ensure your family’s safety.
  • General electrical wiring: We install and replace electric wiring to your circuit breakers and between the fuse box and your outlets or lights.

Reliable Wiring Installation, Replacements, and Repairs

We offer wiring installation services for new residential buildings or home additions. These installation services meet all relevant building and electrical codes to eliminate safety risks and maximize all your electrical components’ and appliances’ lifespan.

We can also bring existing wiring up to code through replacement or repair services. Schedule our wiring repair and replacement services for your next home remodeling project. Our team will ensure that your appliances have complete protection against power surges.

Illuminate your outdoor spaces for safety and convenience with our outdoor and landscape lighting installation services.

Why Choose Long View Lighting?

If you need electrical wiring services in Woodstock, GA, Long View Lighting is the contractor to call. We have a team of experienced electricians with the necessary certifications and equipment to provide safe and reliable electrical wiring services.

Our team also takes the hassle out of wiring installation and repair with upfront, no-nonsense pricing, and we’ll work according to your schedule.

Before starting an electrical wiring installation or repair, our team will give you all the information you need to understand the cause of the problem and make an informed decision. In the case of a complete wiring installation or replacement, we’ll also keep you updated on our progress throughout the project.

Long View Lighting is a leading provider of residential wiring services in Woodstock, GA. Contact us at 770-318-4143 to schedule a wiring service and prolong the functional lifespan of your home’s electric system.

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    Jennifer N.

    The most knowledgeable and professional electrician we've ever used on our home in the last 10 years. He came in and corrected all of the previous work from another electrical company we used the first time around on our home.

    Jay M.

    Amazing work!!! John is such an awesome person & electrician. Honest & fair prices. 100% clean up after job too. The came in at the exact price I was told from the start. He was able to answer any questions I had. These guys put the customer first.... and foremost.

    Bruce L.

    John and his guys came to my house and were able to efficiently review all of our needs. They quickly turned around a fair-priced quote and were always reachable when we had questions. Additionally, when looking at our projects they...