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Woodstock Home Rewiring Services

Does your home still have its original wiring? Bring your electric system up to code and ensure your household’s safety with our home rewiring services. Call us today.

Home Rewiring Services

Your home’s wiring is responsible for distributing electricity throughout your home to your appliances, electric devices, and lighting. As it ages and deteriorates, you will experience problems with connections, insulation, shorts, and power delivery. The risk of fire, electrical shocks, and damage also increases.

At Long View Lighting, we offer comprehensive home rewiring services in Woodstock, GA, ensuring your family’s safety and improving your home’s energy efficiency. Get in touch with our team today to get started.

Experiencing electrical issues in your home? Contact us to schedule an electrical repair and troubleshooting service.

Signs Your Home’s Wiring Needs to Be Replaced

How do you know if your wiring needs to be replaced? Look out for the following signs:

  • Aluminum wiring: Homes dating back to the 1960s and 1970s typically have aluminum wiring. Loose connections are a common problem with this outdated type of wiring, and it is prone to overheating. The most reliable material for electric wiring is copper.
  • Knob and tube wiring: Outdated wiring systems from the 1980s or earlier have copper insulation, which is more susceptible to deterioration than modern insulation materials.
  • Frayed or damaged wiring: Over time, temperature fluctuations, moisture, and rodents can damage your wiring, increasing your risk of shorts and fires.
  • Strange noises: Crackling, buzzing, and sizzling sounds are typically the result of a short or overloaded circuit.
  • Strange odors: A burning or melting plastic smell in your home may indicate melting wires. Schedule a rewire with us as soon as possible, even if you only notice the odor occasionally.
  • Outlet discoloration: If the outlet plates or the wall around an outlet in your home is black, that’s a tell-tale sign that the wiring is getting too hot. The outlet may also feel warm to the touch. 

Benefits of Replacing Outdated Wiring

Homeowners are often apprehensive about scheduling a whole-home rewiring. We understand. You don’t want to spend money unnecessarily—especially if your old wiring system doesn’t have any apparent issues.

Our rewiring service is expertly tailored to ensure the smooth flow of electricity through your system and eliminates energy losses, reducing your energy bills. It also prevents short circuits and fires, which reduces your risk of property damage and personal injury.

Ready for better lighting in your home? Upgrade your lighting fixtures with our recessed lighting services.

Professional Home Rewiring Services in Woodstock, GA

Long View Lighting is an award-winning company dedicated to reliable service and complete customer satisfaction. We have a team of trusted, friendly electricians who are fully certified to carry out home rewiring services safely.

We’ll work according to your schedule and offer no-nonsense pricing, taking the hassle out of a whole-home rewiring. It’s our goal to provide you with a complete and professional rewiring service that fits your budget.

Updated residential wiring is critical to prevent energy inefficiency, shorts, and fires in your home. Call Long View Lighting today at 770-318-4143 to schedule a home rewiring service in Woodstock, GA.

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    Jennifer N.

    The most knowledgeable and professional electrician we've ever used on our home in the last 10 years. He came in and corrected all of the previous work from another electrical company we used the first time around on our home.

    Jay M.

    Amazing work!!! John is such an awesome person & electrician. Honest & fair prices. 100% clean up after job too. The came in at the exact price I was told from the start. He was able to answer any questions I had. These guys put the customer first.... and foremost.

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    John and his guys came to my house and were able to efficiently review all of our needs. They quickly turned around a fair-priced quote and were always reachable when we had questions. Additionally, when looking at our projects they...